heating and air in zones

I live on a homestead. My husband and I thought it would be wonderful to have a lot of children and spend our life farming. We wanted to live and eat on the land, which we lived and farmed on. It sounded amazing, until the realities came into play.  At the kids kept coming,and also the work of managing a farm was greater than we could handle, some days. We were a ten person family with one wood stove, therefore it was clear, times were changing. We needed to consider some sort of upgrade to a full air conditioning system. We needed to help make our lives a little more simple, with all the people we had to please. When we called the HVAC provider for an assessment, they sent out a very knowledgeable technician to help us choose a specific upgrade. I had no idea how many new options there were in HVAC systems today. He looked at the number of people in the family, and made really sincere suggestions, my favorite being zone control air conditioning. This app would help us to become more energy and cost efficient in our heating and cooling needs. We would be able to help program the thermostat to direct very specific temperatures into different areas of the house, that we were, or were not in, so there would be zero waste. I loved that with more and more people in the family, we could please all the different desires, body temperatures and thermostat settings being asked for. We hoped this would definitely tame our energy bill and bring much more comfort to our home.

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The issues with heating and air


    I didn’t need, or want, to buy a house. I totally remember watching my parents struggle so much to pay the mortgage together with all the problems that go along with owning a house. I didn’t want to waste my time and effort on needless worry, but my husband wouldn’t be ignored. He never had a stable home as a child and was determined to possess his own house. It all happened way too fast. We found a home and he jumped into it without doing all the appraisals I knew you are required to do, before signing anything. Thus, sure enough, we had one disaster following on from the other. First off was combating a very old boiler system, which didn’t even work! The air vents for the entire house were rusted closed, and I was terrified to see what  the air filters even looked like. How could someone live here and not have a working heating or cool system? They had to have gotten portable electric heaters, at least, or they could have froze in the cold weather! I told my husband to not touch anything until we called the neighborhood HVAC provider to send in a technician to do an assessment on the house. He didn’t look happy immediately. Apparently, the ductwork was so old and corroded it would need severe stripping and upgrading. Obviously, the rusty vents and changing of the air filters were up coming. I could see my husband’s aspirations being crushed and I felt really bad for him. I told him to not worry, that the investment of a new heating and cooling system would pay for itself ultimately and we will start over.

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The HVAC tech went on fire

My wife and myself were staying at a native hotel, when we encountered a lot of serious problems. The hotel was old and incredibly aged. The curtains were old with large flower patterns built in. The TV wasn’t even a flat screen tv, and the carpet was heaped with small stains. Since it was the cheaper hotel, we had to remain where we made our reservation. The room was clean plenty enough, and that was the most important thing. My wife and I turned on our HVAC system, before leaving the place for a nice dinner. We were only away for about two hours. By the time that we came back to the hotel, the fire dept had already arrived on the scene. Our HVAC system had actually sparked, causing a roaring fire inside our room. The curtains were lost to the fire, and the carpet beneath the HVAC unit was burnt to ashes. I couldn’t believe that our HVAC unit had caused this much damage. My wife and I were given a new room, but we went to a different hotel for the night instead. Due to the complications with this HVAC unit, the hotel had to refund our cash. We sought after a different hotel, but pretty much every place in the area was already booked. There was a convention in town apparently, and every room was without a doubt reserved. We ended up travelling all the way back home that night, instead of staying in a hotel. It was a protracted drive, but neither of us wanted to handle any more problems. We arrived back home just a day early, and spent that day walking in the beach together. The day had been perfect, even though we faced a nightmare the previous day.

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Getting portable cooling for camping

My pal and I went camping this past weekend. Our families haven’t gotten together in quite a while, so we were all very excited to check out each other. My good friend and his family were supposed to stay in a cabin, because it is the midst of May. It can get scorching hot in the daytime, and they do not own an RV. We advised them to rent a cabin for the course of the week. When my buddy came with a tent, I was very shocked. I was moreover surprised, because they had purchased a portable A/C unit to make the tent cool. I honestly didn’t believe that it would ever succeed, but it really did. The tent was large enough for two queen sized air mattresses to fit easily. There still was actually a good amount of room for the portable A/C machine. There was an exhaust fan on the A/C unit, to let warm air away from the tent. The zipper was positioned ajar, but it didn’t look bothersome at all. The lightweight A/C unit was quiet while functioning, and worked amazingly well. The tent was kept very cool throughout the day. At night, my buddy plus his kids needed were making use of their sleeping bags. I was pretty amazed by the quality of that little portable A/C unit. My buddy said they were well priced, which was why he went with this option. I never thought there would be any way to supplement a tent with air conditioning, which was the main reason that our family bought an RV in the first place. I wish that I tried the portable A/C approach first.


The IAQ for the pools

Travelling with two kids can be a huge challenge. The age old question involving “are we there yet” is cute in the beginning, then it gets very old rather fast. We recently took my two great nephews on a holiday to see my parents. We love spending time with them and my brother and sister-in-law just didn’t have time to go on this trip this time around. We offered to take the boys with us so that they would have the opportunity to see their grandparents and would have a nice little break. It was going to be roughly an 11 hour trip so I was a bit worried that they might not be able to handle it. We made a decision to break up the journey into 2 days. We arrived at our first stopping point after being on the road for just about six hours. The boys were awesome! They played games on their phones or slept for most of the trip. We had booked a place that actually had a pool so they could get rid of their extra energy. We got checked in and headed over to the pool area only to find that the smell of stale environment and chlorine was gross. The boys didn’t seem to mind nearly as much as we did, but then again, they are kids. The air was very warm nonetheless and that water was very cold. It was obvious to me that the HVAC system in the pool area was not working well at all. I went to the front desk and they were not helpful and simply said they couldn’t do anything about it. I made sure to write an online review of the place so that weary travellers would have a head’s up about the HVAC system and get away from the smelly pool at the hotel.

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Getting the heating and air operated on

My girlfriend and her 2 children will be in town for two weeks and I am very excited to show them around. Her kids are the fantastic age to take to the local festivals and fairs so we are intending to go to many. Our region is known well for it’s large farming communities and so the county fair here features one of many of the largest agricultural exhibits in the region. I am sure they will receive a kick out of seeing every one of the animals and the livestock shows but I bet they will love the rides the most. Our weather we’ve had recently has been very odd for our area and we are experiencing temperatures in the mid-80s to low-90s. My biggest concern is that entire Fairgrounds is paved with black asphalt and I realize that walking around on that may very well cause us to overheat. There are several exhibition houses which are certainly air-conditioned and I’m sure that they will be crammed full of people and additionally I’m also sure that we are going to be included in that group. When spending the day outside in the temperatures we’ve been experiencing, it is important that you stay hydrated and if you can, take a break from the scorching heat in a place with a quality HVAC system. I can’t imagine the amount of money that is spent on electricity during this time when the county fair is going. Just operating and maintaining these major air conditioning units that are located in those buildings has to cost a great deal of money. I know that my girlfriend and her kids will have an excellent time and I will be sad to see them go away, but I also know that after spending two weeks playing tour guide, I’ll be grateful to just sit home in my own climate controlled space and enjoy the rest of my summer time.

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The air conditioning system at our film

A long time ago when I was just 15, my friends and I were very excited to discover a new movie. We ended up waiting all summer for the movie to finally come out. We waited in line for about an hour, before we could buy the tickets for the movie. We were all excited to finally be able to see this movie, and we were excited to be there especially without our parents. We ordered popcorn, snacks, and large drinks. We had an armful of items as we strolled into the theater. It was a tad bit warm inside, but that is common. The movie theater didn’t usually turn on the air-conditioning, prior to the movie starting. My friends and I started out talking, and the movie started rolling about 10 minutes later. In the event the curtains went down, I couldn’t hear the air conditioner even turn on. We waited about 15 more minutes and the theater started to get harsh. We didn’t know where to start with doing something, so we just sat there and endured the poor conditions. When we were about half an hour into our movie, I decided to get up and talk to one of the ushers. I asked them if the air conditioning system was broken, because the entire movie theater was too warm. The Usher whispered that the air conditioning system was not working, but that some HVAC technicians were fixing it right now. I walked back to my seat and told my friends what I’d heard. It was good to hear, and we waited for the air conditioner to get started soon. Our movie was amazing, and we were going to stay no matter what state the air conditioning was in. When we were halfway done with the movie, someone came over the intercom and told us that the air conditioning system could not be repaired.

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Fixing up our HVAC tech

My family and I have been working on improvements to our home. We moved in the home roughly six months or so ago, and we have been making changes ever since that time. We are almost finished with all of the Interior remodeling, which included updating the floors to hardwood and furnishing with new appliances. One of the more challenging parts of the project took a little over three weeks. We made our kitchen two times as big just by knocking out one of walls in the living room area. Throughout the process of this brilliant remodel, my wife and I have been living in our RV. We will be ready to start living in “the massive house”, as we have adoringly named our place. We were actually able to do much of the remodeling on our very own. It has been a lot of hard work, but we are two weeks from the completion dates. My wife has taken the youngsters and gone to her mother’s for the week. I have a huge surprise for her when she returns, and she doesn’t have a clue about it. I contacted our HVAC building contractor, because I have decided to upgrade the present system. We never planned to upgrade the HVAC system in the house, but it has barely kept up with the climate control throughout our renovations. Since we saved a couple thousand dollars on everything with all the work we put in, I decided to surprise my wife with a brand new HVAC system. We are going to have a state of the art HVAC system entirely, as well will be upgrading to a zone control HVAC unit. The zone control HVAC unit will permit us to independently control the temperature in different parts of the dwelling. My wife will control the temperature in her office, and I know she’ll be absolutely thrilled with it!

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maximize our own comfort levels

If it was my choice, my house would employ a zone controlled HVAC unit. I live with a roommate who would like to keep the a/c running 24/7, and we’ve been constantly going back and forth on this. I would get cold easily, and this together with her preferences really made me feel uncomfortable. I sometimes have major issues dealing with sleep because my room is normally entirely too cold. My bed is directly beneath an air vent, and when the cooling system is running for hours, I wake up often throughout the night. I think that if we had a zone controlled HVAC unit, it would definitely clear up our problems. This would enable me to modify the temperature in my living space without keeping her from using the A/C in her room. We would both be able to maximize our own comfort levels without affecting one another. I think these types of HVAC systems are absolutely necessary if you are sharing a home. I imagine that everyday common conflicts that roommates experience have to do with running an HVAC system. Besides dealing with how comfortable everybody is, an HVAC system can use lots of energy. This can lead to rather hefty utility bills, and this may also cause major disputes. My roommate and I have talked about this issue before, and it’s definitely something that I still think about. I don’t think I should be paying for a serious utility bill because she wishes to run the air conditioner for a majority of the time. I hope that we will have this dispute solved soon. I am really tired of going back and forth on this issue.

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Happy that my car has AC

I recently purchased a fresh car, and I am impressed. I had been driving the exact same car for about 10 years before making the brand new purchase. The old car worked for me well, but it did not have an air conditioner. On hot days I had to ride with my windows down to save myself from getting too hot. When I would arrive at work, I would have to stop by the restroom to assure I didn’t look too unkempt. An air conditioner has really been a necessity in cars nowadays. The feel of the cool air blowing through the air vents is something that I appreciate a great deal. Going without an A/C in a car for several years is enough to make anyone appreciate a new car. I am now fully addicted to cooling systems. My house is actually climate-controlled, my office is climate-controlled, the different stores that I go to are always air-conditioned, and my car now contains a state-of-the-art air conditioner. I consider myself quite lucky. I don’t have a clue how I got by for that long in my old car. That engine never gave me any problems, but it was definitely fairly shabby when it came to the luxury side of things. I really hope that I don’t end up taking these things for granted. I want to continue to appreciate having a nice cooling system in the areas where I have to function regularly. If I had to choose, all spaces would be absolutely air-conditioned now. This is a necessity that most of us have come to rely on.

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Traps and the HVAC

My husband and I own our own trapping business.  It was a natural business for us since we both love animals and we know how to care for them.  We should.  We used to own our own pet store.  After more than 25 years, we were tired of all the time and care it took for all the animals.  Sometimes, you just don’t want all that responsibility.  So we sold the pet store and ventured into the animal trapping business. One call I remember in particular about possible wild vermin in the attic of an old house nearby.  My husband and our son went out to check out the call and see if they can help.  They met with the homeowner who complained about hearing scratching noises all night long in his walls.  So my husband put out traps and was able to catch a raccoon who had been living in the attic for how long, nobody knows.  As he took the creature away, he noticed that the air ducts in the attic were torn and had holes in them.  He informed the homeowner of this HVAC development, knowing that this creature had probably been making a home for itself in this man’s attic for at least enough time to do some major damage to the HVAC air ducts.  My husband and son left with the raccoon but he did not leave before giving the homeowner a business card to a local HVAC company that he knows well so the homeowner can get the tears in his air ducts repaired.  By the looks of the raccoon mess up there, he will probably need an air ductwork cleaning as well as now, a ductwork repair.  After the HVAC servicing is complete, I’m sure his air quality will be much improved.  And then the following week, my husband went back to retrieve the baby.

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Horrible HVAC at college

When I was packing to go away for university I was so excited. I had gotten into the dream university and our parents and Grandparents attended this same university as well. I was even going to be staying at the very same dorm area that our parents stayed in when they attended university. I thought it was going to be such a good experience and I was so ready to go out and be out on my own. However, what I did not realize was that since I was going to be staying in the same dorm area that my parents stayed in, this meant it was pretty old. I must say that everything about the dorm area was really outdated from the elevator to the restroom. But, probably the worst part was the outdated Heating and A/C system. We were not even allowed to control the temperature of the Heating and A/C from our room, as it was controlled in another building altogether. It was so aggravating because on some nights it would be ninety degrees outside and the temperature of our room would be all the way up to eighty degrees. They could never seem to get the temperature of the Heating and A/C unit right. I asked our RA if there was anything she could do about the faulty Heating and A/C system, however she said the university had no plans of installing a new Heating and A/C system anytime soon. I guess they wanted to spend funds on other things. So I went out to obtain an a/c window unit for our room. I would just rest under it all afternoon and let the cool breeze blast on me. This window a/c unit changed everything!

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AC filter problem?

I just got a job working in a nice pizza place. I am currently a student plus I certainly didn’t realize how much it would cost to live on my own without my parents help. To just say that it has been a difficult adjustment would be a huge understatement. I wasn’t prepared when they dropped me off at college plus they told me they would only be covering the cost of my tuition plus dorm expenses. While that may seem like a lot of help, I still wasn’t ready for the change. I knew they were having financial trouble so I knew asking for cash if I was ever in a bind was out of the question completely. So I had to get to work. This was absolutely going to be my first real job ever, I have babysat for family friends before however never worked for at an actual workplace. l figured it out fast that I liked to work plus making my own cash was pretty fun. I eventually had enough cash saved that I was able to transfer out of my dorm room which was nice. I had been working a lot to save up a good amount of money. I moved into a small crappy place however at least it was mine. I was genuinely excited until this one day when my Heating plus A/C component stopped working altogether, and I discovered there was a giant puddle on the floor from where it was leaking. I know the coils on the Heating plus A/C component froze because the air conditioning filter had not been changed respectfully. How was I supposed to know I needed to change my air conditioning filter without being told about it? Well because this was technically my fault, I had to cover the cost of the Heating plus A/C repair. I genuinely hope the Heating plus A/C business has mercy on me and decides not to charge an arm plus a leg for a brand new HVAC unit!

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Glass and the AC system

I am currently an administrative assistant at a lawyer’s office in a beautiful area that sits right on a giant river. The firm I am working for is nationwide plus our office alone has over fifty people in it everyday. I genuinely do appreciate my job plus coming to job isn’t a chore to me like it is for some people. I hear my friends complain all the time that they hate their workplace plus want to quit. I wish they would so they would stop bringing it up! I suppose I just feel awful because I can’t relate to this problem. Our office is right next to the river in a skyscraper plus every one of us occupy the very top floor. Every one of us have the whole floor to ourselves plus it is so nice not to have to share office space with another company. The best thing about being on the top floor is the incredible view. Our office has floor to ceiling glass windows so every one of us have a 360 degree view of the entire city. It is beautiful plus our clients genuinely appreciate coming to tour our office building. Every one of us recently remodeled all of the job areas, so now the office is even nicer. However, I have to say I think there is a single complication with the floor to ceiling windows and that happens to be the sun. The sunlight shines directly on almost everyone’s face as well as their screens all day plus it causes the office to be very hot. We always end up having to turn the air conditioning as low as it will go just to have a decent temperature within the office. Our building management is not excited that our Heating plus A/C bill is so high every month, however every one of us have to keep the air conditioning turned down. We certainly can’t have clients coming in having to complain about the temperature of our Heating plus A/C unit. That would just be a huge embarrassment, so every one of us keep the air conditioning on plus try to ignore our building managers.

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Freaking out our AC guy

I’ve never believed in ghosts at all, even when I was a young child. I guess I was just not a superstitious person, and I was never shown any proof to convince me otherwise. Until recently, when I took a freelance job at a creepy aged building and heard a few things I couldn’t entirely explain. Now, I’m not saying that it was a ghost, or anything supernatural, I’m just saying I can’t explain what had actually happened. The work was out at that abandoned church just outside of town. It was in a big land parcel that was just bought, and they hired me to go check out the Heating and Air Conditioning systems, electrical systems, and plumbing in all the abandoned buildings out there. And there were a few, most of them built before central heating and A/C was ever around, which made my work a great deal easier. When I get to the church I use a ladder to get up on the roof so I can examine all of the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment they have up there. It’s a big building, so there was a large amount of ductwork connecting the parts of the heating and cooling system. While I was up there checking the air vents and ductwork for functionality, I heard singing coming from the church sanctuary below me. There must a been a hundred voices, all singing a hymn, and the songs came up through the ductwork as clear as could be. Well, I can tell you that I didn’t bother finishing my Heating and Air Conditioning inspection as I ran back to the truck and decided to come back the next afternoon.

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Dealing with coffee and HVAC

Coffee is my true vice. I don’t smoke, nor do I drink, and I’ve never in my life gambled or played games of chance. Nope, pretty much I’m a normal guy, except for when it comes to coffee. I’m addicted to it — however not just any coffee. I’m constantly looking for the best possible cup of joe from all over the world. I appreciate trying unusual blends from unusual countries to see how they compare and contrast. No sugar or cream for me, thanks, I consistently take it black. My obsession reached another level once I started growing my own, even though it required me to install a modern Heating and Air Conditioning system just to accommodate the plants. This is how much I need gourmet coffee, so much that I dropped a great deal of money on a cooling system just to make sure I could precisely control the temperature and moisture levels in my grow room. The humidity, ventilation, and air quality levels are all extremely important when dealing with coffee beans. Of course they grow in nature, without any sort of climate control, however that is in their native environment, not in the middle of a town apartment. With so much pollution and dry air around, I need 100 percent control to make sure these little beauties grow as tasty as possible. Since I run my Heating and Air Conditioning system so much, my energy bills have entirely gone through the roof. But it’s all worth it, because without the Heating and Air Conditioning I would be drinking much worse coffee.

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Indoor air quality at the hopsital

I work as a nurse in the local hospital. I got my nursing degree about three years ago and I have worked in the same hospital ever since. It has been a great learning experience and I am so thankful that I was able to get a job right out of school because I know this does not happen for everyone. I started working the night shifts and the shifts that nobody wanted because I was new. However, because I have worked at the hospital for so long I am know getting much better shifts. So now my hours are for 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I am really enjoying my new schedule. I love my job I really do, but I have one compliant. The hospital is always so dang cold, I know we have to keep the air conditioner at a certain temperature so we don’t spread bacteria and germs to our patients and those visiting patients. I sometimes have to wear two sweaters over my scrubs in order to stay warm and sometimes that is not even enough. I really want to talk to the head doctor about changing the temperature, but I know that would not go over well. One day I had enough and I marched into his office to ask him if I could turn up the air conditioner. He just laughed at me and said if I wanted to do that we would then have to change the whole HVAC system in the hospital. So I guess I am just going to have to suck it up and stay cold during my shifts.

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Looking for a quiet, air conditioned space where I can study for my exam

I recently needed to study for an art history exam that would count for the majority of my grade.  I attempted to study in my apartment but my roommates were far too distracting.  The one was watching a movie with the volume turned up too loud, and the other was involved in a huge cleaning project.  She kept running the vacuum cleaner, and had taken apart the air conditioner to remove the dust from the various components.  Between the noise and the lack of air conditioning, I decided to pack up and head to the library.  I knew I was in trouble the second I stepped inside.  The library was overheated, there was a huge ladder set up in the middle of the floor, and certain areas were blocked off because of dripping water.  I quickly realized that there was a malfunction with the air conditioning at the library.  Since it was wonderfully quiet, I hoped that I could endure the discomfort and manage to successfully study.  With sweat running down my face, it was impossible to concentrate.  I finally gathered up my things, and headed to a local coffee shop.  I was delighted to discover that the air conditioner in the coffee shop was working just fine.  The interior was perfectly cool, and I had access to hot coffee and a freshly baked cookie.  Although I put on my headphones, it was difficult to avoid the distraction of people coming and going and the delicious food.  I soon realized that the thermostat was set a little too low, and sitting under an HVAC supply vent, I started shivering.   

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My sister runs her HVAC non stop for the sake of her dog’s comfort

My sister, Meredith, is absolutely insane when it comes to her dog.  She has a little pug named Daisy who is quite cute.  He is not, however, as spectacular as my sister likes to think.  She dresses him up in sweaters and hats, and constantly takes his picture.  She also worries far too much about the dog’s comfort.  Daisy sleeps on designer bedding, only drinks bottled water, and has a gourmet diet.  He also enjoys perfect temperatures all year long.  Even when Meredith is out of the house during the day, she runs her HVAC unit at maximum capacity.  She does not adjust the thermostat to conserve energy, because the dog might be uncomfortable.  In the winter, while she is at work for eight hours a day, the furnace is blasting heat non stop.  She won’t even consider lowering the setting on the thermostat, because the pug might get chilly.  In the summer, the air conditioner is cranked to the highest speed throughout the day, because Daisy might get overheated and sweaty.  Not only does this cost Meredith a fortune in gas and electric bills, but it puts far more wear and tear on her HVAC equipment.  I know that she needs to change air filters more frequently due to a buildup of dander and fur.  She has also enrolled in an HVAC maintenance program to keep her furnace and air conditioner running at peak efficiency and capacity.  Her HVAC system, however, will wear out far faster because of the constant use.  It is ridiculous.  Daisy would be perfectly happy out in the backyard, sleeping in her doghouse and digging holes.  

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AC at the basketball game

My husband and I have season tickets to the national basketball team in our city. We love going to the games when they are in town and cheering them on when they are away. Our seats are pretty good and we got them through my husbands company. He works for a large HVAC company that treats their employees really well. However, I must say I don’t understand why they have to keep the arena so cold. I know they players are sweating a bunch, but it really makes the fan experience a little bit unbearable. I know this makes me sounds like a girl that might be a little prissy, and I have to say you are right. Maybe these games just aren’t for me, but I do like to go with my husband because he has so much fun cheering on the team. It is also a great bonding time for us away from the kids. So, I prepare for the freezing cold air conditioner by layering socks and shirts. I will also bring a hat incase the air conditioner is blowing extra cold that day. My husband always laughs at me and I guess he should. I know I am probably being a little bit dramatic about the air conditioning, but I just can’t deal with it. I told my husband that maybe if his HVAC company sponsored a game that maybe they would then turn up the thermostat. He just laughed at me and said I was crazy, but I have to say I think it is a good idea.

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Mechanic to HVAC

I currently work in a mechanic shop. I have been here for about three years, but I have dreams of leaving. Everyday I wake up at around five in the morning and go for a run. When I get home I make coffee, have my breakfast and hop in the shower. I am out the door in about an hour and arrive to work precisely at seven everyday. I service cars all day from oil changes, tire rotations and transmission replacements, I do it all. I like working with my hands and it makes me happy my company charges a fair price for the work that we do. However, I dream of owning my own HVAC company. I know that may sound strange, but I grew up working in my father’s shop and I learned from him everything that he knew. I know how to change air filters in my sleep and fix any HVAC problem a customer might be having with minimal tools. My father had to sell his company when times were tough, but I think if I start my own I will have it be the same name. I love going into someone’s home or business and helping them fix their air conditioner or furnace. Most people won’t understand this desire, but HVAC work reminds me of the good times I got to spend with my father. I will always cherish those times. I think in about two years I will have enough money saved up to own my own HVAC company, at least I really hope that I do!

heating and air conditioning

Problems with portable A/C

I thought I was making a good choice by purchasing a portable air conditioner but boy was I wrong. I just moved into an apartment that doesn’t come with an air conditioning system. It’s a top floor apartment with huge windows. The problem is that the windows are so big, they would not be able to have a window air conditioner unit installed. My landlord said the previous tenants used a bunch of fans at night because it doesn’t really get that hot. Well, maybe it’s global warming or maybe I just really can’t stand the heat, but I definitely think I need an air conditioner to cool me off this summer. It gets quite stuffy up here and I am dying. I barely slept last night. I was drenched in sweat. At one point, I even woke up and took an ice cold shower. I slept a bit better after the cold shower, but I was still very uncomfortable. So, today I went to the store to buy a portable air conditioner. I was so excited to turn it on today, but needless to say, I was terribly disappointed. The huge equipment can barely cool my apartment just a few degrees. It’s also incredibly noisy. If I let it blow directly on me where I sleep, it certainly helps a bit, but I have a feeling my energy bill is going to be quite high next month. I am not sure it is worth it. It cost over $300 and I am thinking of returning it. Perhaps I can convince a friend with a proper cooling system to let me sleep on his couch during the next heatwave.

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HVAC duct cleaners broke into my house

I was supposed to have my HVAC ducts cleaned out the other day around 2pm. Around 10 am, I received a voicemail from a technician at the HVAC company asking me if they could come early. My husband won’t be home until at least 1:30pm, so no they can’t come early. I tried to call back, but no one answered the phone and the voicemail box was completely full. I called the owner of the HVAC company and he said that the technician can’t come early. He says that unless I agree to let him come in early to clean my HVAC ducts, I should cancel or reschedule. I thought that was pretty rude. I had made this appointment weeks ago and it’s rare for my husband to be able to leave work early. I told him to cancel and I’ll reschedule with another HVAC company. My husband stayed late at work that day since the appointment was canceled. We both got home later that evening and I noticed that things seemed a bit off in the house. There were random pieces of paper on the floor, and I found some safety glasses on our deck. Then, I noticed that the window screens were broken and the window was open! Eventually, we realized that the HVAC cleaners had broken into the house to clean out the ducts even though we had canceled. I called the HVAC company owner once again, this time furious. He says that the techs often don’t have cell service in the area and that he was unable to reach them to let them know about the cancellation. He offers a $100 discount on our “next service.” My husband wasn’t exactly pleased with that and refused to pay anything for the HVAC service. We had to threaten to file a police report!

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HVAC in different zones

The news warned us of the natural disaster on it’s way. We only had a few days to prepare since the Doppler radar had the storm turning far from us and going out to sea. However, it turned last minute and we are generally right in it’s path. The devastation that is disregarded by this hurricane was terrible. One property in particular that lost everything was a local treasure. A landmark hotel that stood in its place next to the water for over 75 years. The roof was ripped  off and everything inside was damaged. The whole community came together to help rebuild the hotel. A new roof was put on the hotel and the inside was totally scrapped and brought down to the bones to enable a new rebuild. The new walls and floors were added. Everything was brought in, in addition to everyone that helped. Charitable donations continued to pour in to the town and to the hotel. Once they got to the state where the equipment was coming together, a local HVAC company brought in completely new state-of-the-art air conditioning and heating system. This new HVAC equipment has most of the latest features. Zone control and mini split air conditioning making it possible for each room to have it’s own thermostat and ductless HVAC so no air ducts is going to be needed to take any space from the beauty of this historic hotel. Of course, since it is a hotel, an all new air purification system was installed. With one of these modern additions to the lodging, and all the caring townspeople, I think this hotel will be around for approximately another 75 years.

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Found a way to not get an air conditioner

It’s really easy to say that i can remember my childhood home. It’s not because my living situation was great, in fact my family was totally screwed during my childhood and forever after, but the house itself had some good features. It was large enough for three kids and there was a big back yard. We also had some cool electical features considering that past owner was an electrican by trade. Mostly, however,  the big semi- finished basement. It was a huge space to play in and stay cool during the scorching summers. I remember being able to escape downstairs on the warmer days, and finding relief without using air conditioning. In fact, my parents rarely wanted to run our AC unit because of costs, so we often went without central cooling and needed to retreat to the cold basement space for comfort. Since moving from that house I have pined after having a basement for the low temps benefits, but haven’t been allowed to make those dreams a reality… so far. We just moved into a good split level home, and Ive been ecstatic to realize that the lowest level stays no less than ten degrees cooler than the other floors, with very little air conditioning mediation requested. This is amazing for hanging out daily after working up a sweat, but it’s even better going to sleep on hot nights when moderate AC in addition to a box fan just aren’t enough to cool you off. I’ve been sleeping better now and my utility bills are amazingly low, all thanks to the current pseudo basement!

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Hoping for a smart thermostat

I have to say, although I love the benefits of technological advancements that we’ve experienced in the past 20 years or so, I personally don’t love interacting with technological devices. I find that most technology doesn’t like to work properly around me. I have problems with computers, cell phones, and essentially anything wired working as they are expected to. That’s why I’m a bit cautious when I want to get a home that has a Smart Thermostat setup. I’ve been reading about their capabilities lately, and it seems like these new Smart temperature control devices are really incredible as far as offering extra convenience and reducing monthly utility bills. Apparently these new systems are able to learn your schedule and make adjustments to the heating and cooling settings throughout the day, week, and year as the weather and seasons fluctuate. You can control the air conditioning and heating settings remotely, so if you are out later than normal it’s easy to adjust your home’s settings instead of wasting money on temperature control settings on an empty house. You can also optimize your energy expenditure through preprogrammed efficiency functions, which learn to work within constraints of your schedule. Basically, these Smart Thermostat systems look simply incredible, and are the future of HVAC technology for. They are supposedly dummy proof, so it’s possible that I could actually operate the HVAC system, although I’ve heard that a good amount of times there had been poor results. There’s only one way to find out.

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No cooling, no work

Once, a couple of years back, I had a customer service that was located in an office building in a downtown highrise. The job was boring and terribly unfulfilling.  Also, the department manager was extremely nitpicky, which combined with his habit of micromanaging, created an atmosphere of utter dislike for our jobs and many of us felt that way daily, except for our paydays! Pretty much all of us in the building felt the same way, and it was certainly regular for our coworkers and I to share the same pained, disdainful look when any of us received an email from upper management. Probably one of the worst days at that job was the morning that my coworkers and I arrived in the morning to find that the A/C units were not working, not at all.  Being located on the sixteenth floor of that office building, as well as not having A/C was absolutely awful. A few of us called for service immediately, however, they told us that they were already aware of the Heating and A/C problem as well as they had already called for a Heating  A/C company to come fix the A/C unit. We waited for a little while until one of us got an email from management. To our horror, management told us that the A/C compressor had broken, that it could not be fixed that morning, and that all of us were still required to stay and work! We were all drastically upset. Already, the thermostats in the building read 93 degrees, and it was only nine o’clock in the morning! All of us were in our dressy work clothes, and to make things even worse, I ended up staying the whole morning, even though many of my coworkers had left the office.  One of them even quit over the heat, right there on the spot!  To this day, I am surprised that the company did not handle that A/C issue properly!

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Poorly running cooling

It feels like it has been a very long week.  I can say with absolute certainty. I have always found it very  interesting how some weeks seen to go by very quickly, and then some, like this one, feels like it just keeps going on and on. It started just like any normal week. I work two jobs, one as a math teacher at a private elementary school, and the other as a freelance writer. At school, I help out the volleyball coach, even though I have no athletic skills, and unfortunately, practice lasts for at least two hours every day.  Immediately after practice, I go straight home, make dinner for my family, and get everything ready for the next day.  Making things worse, is the fact that I have writing deadlines looming at the end of the week, so every spare moment is spent working on those deadlines. I feel so tired trying to meet all my time constraints. The straw that broke the camel’s back was just last night, when I realized that my A/C had broken. My air conditioning unit had not been working well for a while, and I knew that I needed to call an HVAC business to get it looked at soon. I just had not taken the time to do so, and now, I do not have a working air conditioner at all. My A/C still turns on, however it just blows moderately warm air. Being without a working air conditioner in the middle of the summertime is particularly miserable, and I have only been one day without my air conditioner! This week, I am going to have to find time, somehow, to call an HVAC business and get my air conditioner fixed. No matter how expensive or inconvenient it will be, getting an HVAC maintenance is imperative to myself and my family right now.

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Jury duty and the cooling

A week ago, I went downtown because I had jury duty. Unlike numerous people that I have spoken to, I was quite excited about jury duty, because I thought it would be somewhat interesting. I got myself ready in the morning, put on a professional outfit, packed a small lunch, and left my house to to downtown to perform my civic duty. I arrived at the courthouse, received my assigned jury badge, plus sat down to wait to be called, and waited. And waited. And waited but I never got called. At three thirty, they finally let me go after thanking me for doing my civic duty. I was very disappointed! The whole time that I was waiting, I had sat in too-freezing air conditioning, uncomfortable plus being bored, and all for nothing! When the jury selection started, the room was full! I was honestly uncomfortable because I could not feel the air conditioning at all. As the time went on, the room emptied as more jurors were being called and that is when I became more and more uncomfortable. By then the air conditioning was much too aggressive now that there was less body heat to offset the cold. The extreme cold of the air conditioning just got worse and worse. I was so thankful when I was finally allowed to go home, I did not even turn on the air conditioning system in the car on the drive home, even though it was a very hot summer day! Aggressive air conditioning, in particular ruined my time on jury duty! It would have been worth it if I had at least been selected to serve on a jury, however since I was not, all I will remember is the freezing air conditioning system!

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Glad for radiant floors when I am home

A few years back I spent a warm season in a poor country, teaching Math. I will never forget the day that I returned home. The whole warm season, I had dealt with temperatures in the upper 90’s, occasionally even warmer. The humidity had been terrible, and somehow, I had become used to it, and I had never had any form of Heating and A/C that entire warm season. I did not visit a single place, not even a store, gymnasium, or government building that had Heating and A/C. Not even a window a/c unit! Once I came home, I was greeted by cool, crisp air in the airport. It felt awesome to breathe again! When my grandma picked me up, her car thermostat was set at 71 degrees. I had not felt temperatures that low the whole warm season! During the ride home, and the whole time spent unpacking, taking a shower, and moving back into my room, I legitimately realized how spoiled I was. My bathroom had radiant heated floors!. I had spent my whole life in luxury, and I had consistently taken it for granted! I abruptly became really grateful for our parents and for our country. My students would have thought that I was a millionaire, when in fact, our family was only middle class! Now, years later, I still am grateful every time I adjust our smart thermostat, buy a meal at a eating establishment, or get into our car. I am so darn lucky, and I do not want to forget that!

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Wishing for ac that worked

My oldest child called me after he returned beach house from school to inform me that it was 95 degrees in the house.  I asked him to check the thermostat in case someone forgot to adjust it before leaving the house.  My son, Stan checked the setting and it should have been much cooler than what it read.  Great, there goes another $500.  I am legitimately not in a position to spend money on a household bill right now.  I called my husband and informed him of this air conditioning failure and was on his way home.  My work day was over, so I too headed to what I presumed would be a really sizzling house.  I got there not long after he called me to an even higher temperature and instantly started opening windows.  I should have told Stan to do that but did not think it was an option.  You would think that Stan would have thought of that since he is almost an adult.  Once my husband, Bob arrived, the people I was with and I headed out to the a/c unit in the back yard.  Everything looked fine but it was quiet.  It should have had its common humming sound, but there was no sound.  The people I was with and I flipped the breakers just in case the people I was with and I might have had an electrical surge but unfortunately, the air conditioning did not turn itself on.  The people I was with and I were forced to call the local Heating and A/C company.  Fortunately they do not charge more money for late day calls and they were over in just a few short hours.  The Heating and A/C serviceman was able to repair the problems of the a/c unit and with minimal time and a new part from his truck, he had our air conditioning running properly soon after that.  It’s usual hum was back and it wasn’t too costly.

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Heater and AC power

I’ve always dreamed of living in the middle of nowhere with few neighbors and the ability to have as many pets as I want without disturbing anyone. At the end of the day I really want to just get away from society and enjoy being surrounded by nature. I love the idea of having total privacy with no threat of neighbors stopping by or complaining about the music I am playing  or being nosy about my home. That’s how I ended up with a large piece of land in the woods about 100 miles from our hometown, now that I’m here, there is another use for our land that I hadn’t considered. I received a mail of the other day from a Solar Company looking for locations to put solar farm. I called and found that if I cleared many of the trees I could have one of these installed on my property. This would benefit me in more ways than I ever imagined because they said that not only would I be able to sell back power to our local utility companies but I would be able to power my lights and HVAC system from it and never have to pay or the fuel again. I told them that my lot was heavily wooded but they said they would be willing to come out and take a look to see if it was feasible. My property is over 25 acres so I was willing to eliminate a section of trees to be able to take advantage of this program.   I  never realized that it was possible to independently power your entire  home and HVAC system with solar panels, however technology is amazing.  Construction is now underway on my property and I can’t wait to have it done. I will be almost completely independent of any of the utility companies and I’m looking forward to years of savings.

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Heating and cooling costs

There are some things in life that I feel are definitely worth paying for. How much is your own comfort worth? Some people spend their extra money to make extravagant purchases. Other people spend their money on eating at restaurants as opposed to cooking food at home. Still others choose to spend their money on clothes that make them feel good or items around the home to make their place cozier. Ultimately, we each have somewhere that we spend extra money. For me, my extra money is spent on feeling comfortable in my home. I keep the thermostat set to 65 degrees in the house. While my husband thinks that this is way too cold, I like to be comfortable and I have a high body temperature. Perhaps, living in a southern region doesn’t help. I take great pride in taking care of my HVAC system and never mind paying for upgrades and maintenance. This is the only item in our home that has the ability to have a major impact on our energy bill. Keeping it running properly, helps keep our energy bills down. My husband keeps telling me that every few degrees that we increase our thermostat, we could reduce our energy costs by twenty percent. I could save almost eighty dollars a month if I were to adjust it, but the only problem is that I would be genuinely irritated every day in my house. As I said, this is the only area that I spend extra money.  I feel that my comfort is well worth the added expense. Maybe we will looking into adding an individual HVAC unit in the areas where I spend most of my day at home.

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Treating your cooling device right

It seems like you can’t watch television for more than an hour without hearing about some new appliance or HVAC system that will save you money on energy bills. There has been and increased push when it comes to improving technology in this area. Every time I visit a local appliance store, I see stickers and signs all over the appliances that detail how energy efficient each item is. It has become commonplace and competitors are always trying to outdo each other in this area. The bright yellow stickers plastered on the front of everything make it easier to decide on which one works best for you. The government has put significant resources into promoting and even requiring energy efficiency. I like the savings that I get on my energy bill each month, and recently, I upgraded my HVAC system for this very reason. I have seen a significant decrease in my monthly energy bill. When I bought the air conditioning system, the salesman told me that it was the most energy efficient air conditioning system on the market. I didn’t go into the whole process thinking about that but, I am thankful now that I bought one that was so energy efficient. At the time, I just wanted a system that worked and would last me many years. I didn’t want to go to that great of an expense again anytime soon. The government is even offering tax incentives for people who upgrade to more efficient items. I will now be looking at other appliances in my lake home to see if I can save on energy expenses in other areas.

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Heating and cooling giving me slack

My dealer has been doing business in the northwest for about ten years. I feel they are about to open another branch in the city, as well as I want to be considered for that promotion. I have spent an ample amount of time with the new customers, as well as I feel my chances are looking good. I would be overjoyed to get out of my current apartment, as well as into something more modern. I’m stuck in a two year lease at the moment. One of the ways that I could break the lease, would be to move into the northwest division. I still have about seven months left on my lease. I never thought I would be dealing with so many home problems. My Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system is the worst piece of mechanical equipment that I have ever seen. It’s the main reason why I want to move so badly. The main problem about the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system, is that it only works half of the year. When it starts running, it sound like a car without a muffler. By the time it has quieted down, only dusty air starts blowing out of the air ducts. I’ve asked the landlord to deal with my Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C complaints, however he thinks that I am just another youngster who is just bickering. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system is around to make the indoor atmosphere better, not make it worse. I gave up on using the furnace this past winter season, as well as the air conditioner only works when it chooses. I would like to get out of this apartment, as well as into a new home with a great Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system.

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Massage air conditioner

My partner thought that it would be nice to get me a month’s worth of massage appointments for a gift. I wouldn’t normally like to have a massage, but work had been a lot more stressful lately. The first couple of massages went very smoothly, as well as I had a nicer experience than I thought. When I showed up for my fifth appointment, there was a sign on the door that stated the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system was not working well. I walked through the door to inquire about the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. The receptionist behind the desk said that it wasn’t terrible, as well as that the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system was being fixed at that time. Since my appointment was not for another half an hour, I decided to stick around. When I was getting ready for the massage, the room was warm as well as mucky. I could tell that the air conditioner was running, but that it was not cooling the room down enough. The interior air was rather sticky, as well as the air just felt off. When the masseuse walked into the door, she told me that the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system was starting to work again. The room had not started to feel cooler yet, but I believed her. As she started my massage, I could feel the droplets of sweat coming from her head onto my body. It was easily disgusting, as well as I prayed that the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system would kick on at any moment. When I started to sweat myself, I decided it was time to get up as well as leave. I voiced my concern about the experience, as well as inquired about the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C system. I got my money back for that session, plus a certificate for a free spa day.

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What kind of air filter to get?

There’s no doubt that I’m obsessed with animals. My pet in particular has claimed my heart, plus I worry about his wellbeing more than my personal health. Every minute the two of us spend together is better than the last, plus I want him to be cheerful at all times. That’s why it’s been so taxing watching him deal with the onset of seasonal allergies to outdoor debris. It started last year when he got skin irritations plus had watery eyes while in the fall season. Things have only gotten worse with each change of weather. There’s not much I can do except to supply him medicine each day, however, that isn’t totally resolving his condition. That’s why I’m installing an extra air filtration program to our new Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C set up immediately. I started looking into air filtration after the vet suggested it, plus I found that these new systems are pretty decent. The unit connects to your heating plus cooling program plus the module works to perform additional cleaning plus filtering of your indoor air. The air that normally goes through your gas furnace or A/C is shuttled through an extra step, passing through a series of microfiber filters to extract extra particles. This can include dust mites, pollen, plus mold spores which would normally pass straight through your A/C or gas furnace filters. It’s guaranteed to reduce allergens by up to 97% plus doesn’t require much extra energy to operate the filtration unit. My pet is finally going to be comfortable plus cheerful again, all thanks to Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C technologies.

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Want portable AC device


My boss always complains about the air temperature at work. He is one of the executives, however, he still doesn’t have any control over the indoor atmosphere. He is consistently annoyed most of the afternoon, plus he tends to take it out on all of the employees. The days are the worst. The heat plus humidity builds up during the afternoon, plus the days can be occasionally warm. That is also the worst time to approach our boss about anything. Some of the other employees and I got together to discuss the problems about our boss. One of the interns came up with the plan of getting our boss a portable A/C unit. It could cool the office down, plus wouldn’t even cost much currency at all. Everyone knew that this A/C unit could repair all of our problems usually caused in the afternoon. If everyone in the office donated at least twelve dollars to the cause I would have enough to buy the unit. I wanted to persuade my other coworkers to buy the A/C unit, so I did the best I could to sell it. I knew that the portable A/C unit might help our boss’s mood in the afternoon. That was the best pitch that I had to offer, plus I tried to convince pretty much everyone in the office. By the time the meeting was over, I had raised $350.00 in currency. I knew which portable A/C unit I would buy, plus I was ready to drive over there. When all of us presented the portable A/C unit to our boss, he was surprisingly gleeful towards the gesture.

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Emergency Date Evacuation

I have the best friend in the world. I can depend on her for anything. Whenever I go out on a date, she calls me an hour into it to make sure the guy I’m going out with isn’t a total jerk. If he is, she comes up with an emergency scenario to get me out of the date– fast. Last Friday, I was out with a guy who wouldn’t stop talking about his ex-girlfriend. I was ready for my friend to call in the first ten minutes. When she finally called, she let me know that my heater was having problems and that there were dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in my home! I told my unfortunate date that I had to go back to my house to take a good look at my HVAC system and call an HVAC technician right away. I thought my plan was perfect, until my date revealed to me that he was a professional HVAC mechanic. He wanted to come back to my house with me to repair my heater for me. Ugh. I had to tell him that my heater was still covered under warranty and that I had to have the same HVAC contractor repair my heater to avoid voiding the warranty. I’ve never had so much trouble getting out of a bad date. Thankfully, my HVAC repairman date finally relented, and I was able to leave the restaurant– alone. From now on, I’ll have to limit my friend to fake family emergencies to make sure I don’t get stuck with a professional bad date.

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Closing Vents

My husband and I were so excited to be first-time homeowners. We didn’t have the biggest budget, so we decided to settle for something of a fixer-upper. We knew we would be living in this house for a long time, so we were looking at the repairs as a long-term investment. But really, we were just happy to stop paying rent. We made minor cosmetic repairs, like fixing light fixtures and painting, but we knew eventually we were going to have to replace the entire HVAC system. When we contacted an HVAC repair company about it, they quoted us thousands of dollars. Because we had just emptied our bank accounts to purchase the house, we knew it wouldn’t be in the budget for at least a couple years. But in the meantime, that left us with a weak air conditioner blower. We had the air conditioning set on high for a long time, but when summer came around we were paying way too much to run the A/C. So, we decided to close off the air vents to the rooms we weren’t using often. We thought that the increased pressure in the air ducts would cause the air conditioner to work better in the parts of the house where it really mattered. Thankfully, our little air vent trick has worked so far. The only downside is that every time we get company, we have to go around opening air vents in the guest rooms. It’s pretty annoying, but it’s a small price to pay for a functioning air conditioning unit!

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Restaurant Complaints

I have never been one to complain at restaurants. I know that waiting tables and cooking at a fast pace can cause huge amounts of stress. I always do my best to be understanding when businesses are having trouble, but last night was different. I took my husband out to eat for his birthday. He had been stressed out from working long hours, and he really wanted a night to relax. Shortly after we arrived at the restaurant and placed our order, we began to feel hot and sweaty. It was evident that the air conditioner was not running, so I asked the waiter to adjust the thermostat. He agreed that he would before disappearing for a full fifteen minutes. We still could not feel any air coming from the A/C vents, so we were growing more frustrated by the minute. When the waiter finally returned, he explained to us that the HVAC system was not working. To make matters worse, the chef had walked out, so it would probably mean we would have to wait another twenty minutes for our food. When I requested to have the order cancelled he became angry, so I lost my cool. Asking anyone to enjoy dinner in a space that does not have an air conditioner is more than enough to make someone frustrated. The very least that the staff could have done was comply when we requested to cancel our order. Needless to say, I will not be returning to that restaurant, nor will my husband. We both agreed that their service was unacceptable.

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Work in the office-

A few weeks ago, I had to go into my office to do some work. I usually work from home, so it is not common for me to spend an entire day in the office. I’m able to do everything I need to do from my home office. However, I was working on a project that required me to coordinate with some of my coworkers, so I figured it would be easier to go in for a day. When I arrived I was instantly upset because I found that the air conditioner was not working. I asked my coworker how long the A/C had been out, and he said it have been that way for about a week. I learned that the manager had put off calling an HVAC technician for a few days because he did not want to pay for the repair. I thought this was ridiculous and extremely unprofessional. An HVAC system is a necessity in any office, and workers cannot be expected to get their jobs done without a climate-controlled environment. I knew that there was no way I was going to get my project done because I did not want to be sweating while trying to focus on my work. I asked the manager when he thought the HVAC system would be repaired, and he couldn’t give me a clear answer. All he could tell me was that the HVAC company had been notified about the issue. I lost my cool for a minute, telling him that it was unreasonable to expect everyone to work in this kind of conditions. I try not to get upset at work, but this pushed me over the edge. My boss ended up telling everyone that they could work from home until the air conditioner had been repaired.

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Birthday Party without A/C

Every year, we celebrate my two brothers’ birthdays together. They were born in the same month, so it is easier to get our family together to celebrate both in one day rather than having separate parties. I love when we host birthday parties because our family is big and we have a lot of fun together. Our house is perfect for parties because we have a basement that opens up to our backyard and a patio. Since we have so many parties in the summertime, my dad decided to invest in a brand new HVAC system. We now have a great A/C unit that tends to keep our entire family content during our birthday parties. Since the adults usually stay inside to play cards and chat, they enjoy the A/C unit more than anyone else. But, this past weekend we had a serious problem with our A/C during my brothers’ birthday party. We were all outside in the pool and when it came to dinner time, we went inside to find the house to be a lot hotter than usual. My dad simply turned down the thermostat to make the A/C cooler, hoping it would cool us down by the time we ate dinner. However, even halfway through dinner, we realized the kitchen was getting hotter, even with the thermostat turned down. We looked at the thermostat and noticed the A/C wasn’t even on anymore! Something must have glitched in the A/C connection to the thermostat, making our birthday party unbearable. Hopefully we get the A/C fixed by the next party we have.


Watching Movies in the Summertime

My boyfriend and I like to keep up with current trends. We go shopping every other week and see what the latest fads are. There is one thing that I have seen and talked my boyfriend into buying for his house. It is a projector that you can use outside to watch movies or tv shows in the summertime! Since we are movie junkies, we had to buy it for his back patio. I love using the projector because you get to sit outside in the summer and look up at the stars while you watch your favorite movies! The only issue we have come to find with the outdoor movies is that sometimes it gets a little too humid. I like to snuggle up under a blanket to watch movies, but since we are outside in the remaining summer heat, it is uncomfortable snuggle up. All I can think about during the movie is how hot I feel and how much I would rather be inside with the air conditioner on. I feel guilty asking to bring the projector inside to the air conditioning because the whole purpose of the projector was to watch movies outdoors! So, I decided to find a way to let the cool air from the air conditioner blow onto us on the patio. We moved the patio furniture right next to the door so we can project the movie on the side of the house and leave the door open to allow the cool air to flow outside. We might waste the air conditioning a little during our movie nights, but it beats dealing with the humid heat!

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Apathetic A/C

My friends are all very apathetic when it comes to running their HVAC systems. They adjust the thermostat when they are uncomfortable, and they tend to leave it running without giving it much thought. I think this is extremely wasteful, and I have voiced my opinion on more than one occasion. I always get annoyed and think that I am preaching at them when I talk about these things, but we really need to be more careful about how we use energy. Using a lot of energy requires a lot of fossil fuels, and these are dirty and harmful to the environment. I try to be very cautious about how I use my air conditioner because I know that these cooling systems draw a ton of energy. I don’t want to be wasteful, so what I do is adjust my thermostat to 76°. Unless the temperature is outside become extreme, I leave it here. This ensures that my cooling system is not running incessantly, but my place till say is relatively comfortable. If I can get by by only running a fan and leaving a window open, I will do that instead. There are ways to keep the air in a house circulating without running an air conditioner. I know that most people take their cooling systems for granted, but this is not something that I want to do. I want to be more responsible and live in a sustainable way. I think that there are ways to stay comfortable without being excessive, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that I and reducing my carbon footprint.

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Indoor dogs

I have two very spoiled dogs who live in the house with me. They have never had to spend much time outdoors, and I don’t think they would know what to do if I were to leave them outside for more than a few minutes. I live in a hot area, and I have never wanted them to have to deal with the heat. They have thick fur coats, so I don’t think that would be very fair. Because they are always inside when I wake, I make sure to leave my A/C running. This causes my utility bill to be pretty high, but I have to do it so that they are comfortable. I do not like the thought of them having to stay indoors without a proper HVAC system. Something else that I did to control all of the dog hair was have an air purifier attached to my HVAC unit. This allows me to control how much dust and dirt is circulating throughout my house. It’s easy to let this get out of hand with animals inside, but I do everything I can to make sure thanks still stay clean. I think my friends think I’m a little insane for putting so much effort into making my home comfortable for my dogs, but they need an air conditioner just as much as I do. The thought of leaving them in a stuffy house all day seems a bit inhumane to me, so I will do whatever I have to to make sure that they are happy and healthy. I’ve had them for so long that I consider them family members by this point.

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She won’t go with no AC

I’ve been trying really hard to get my girlfriend to affix me on a camping excursion for months. She has for no reason been before, and I want to introduce her to the world of camping. There is a lot to learn from being out there in nature, and I think she is really missing out on the airy of things. The one thing that this girl does not want to live through is trying to get to sleep lacking heating and cooling system. I know that she is utilized to having the air conditioner run for hours while she is asleep and it could be difficult for her to find comfortable without it. However, I think that she would get used to things after a night and also two. It has been so hard for getting her to even consider not having a cooling system. She is dependent on hers that the thought of living without one doesn’t make much sense. I think that everyone could benefit from spending a dash of time in nature without any variety of modern HVAC units. Technology has really improved everyone’s quality of life, but in many ways it keeps us from having the capacity to relax. Our daily routine is usually are flooded with constant distractions and stimulations, and I think we need to make time to focus with ourselves. If only my girlfriend could understand this, I think she would thoroughly enjoy being able to remove herself from the hustle of her existence. In my opinion, camping is the foremost possible way to do this, and I want her every single child enjoy this experience with myself. air conditioner or not, we all have to acquire away from reality at circumstances.

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Air conditioning fix up

I’ve never been in times like the one I had to get over last weekend. Several months ago, I booked a hotel room in a very small coastal town that I like to visit on occasion. I was excited to enjoy a chance to get away just the hot summer days because my job has been driving me insane. When I arrive with the hotel, I learned that I possessed booked the last room and that they were completely full for a weekend. This was good news for me. However, when I got to my hotel room I realized that this air conditioner was not working. There seems to be a huge wet spot in sitting area because the A/C was leaking. I was frustrated because I knew that they had not many decent options in the area to spend the night. I immediately called the hotel front desk to see if there was clearly anything they could do to attach the cooling system. They dispatched a mechanic promptly, and he had assured me that he would be able to have it working in an hour. To pass the time and allow him space, I decided to just do it– grab something to eat. When I finally got back from lunch, I recently found that the A/C was entirely working order, and the hotel had perhaps given me a reduced rate for having to deal with this exhausting situation. I felt much better about staying there knowing that I would be saving money and that I could sleep in the cool air. My weekend was perfect and I didn’t have any other problems.

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Getting better crafts with better HVAC

I’m a bit of a crafting fiend, I admit. I learned such skills from my mom, who was always sewing and decorating throughout the house, and also turned a profit putting these skills to use for other people. She has sold many things at art fairs and later got her own window treatment business, for of which she sewed fancy custom lightly drapes for rich folks. Since early childhood, she also had the creativity to turn raw materials into polished off products. The only trouble is usually, many of the supplies I typically use require precise temperatures with regard to proper results. I live in a very hot and humid environment, and a large multitude of crafting adhesives, inorganic dyes, and stains that do not set properly unless they’ve been cool and dry. That’s why I’ve create my own craft living room with distinct temperature control settings and dehumidifying units. I can set the room to be any particular heat I desire, per the instructions on the back of the supplies I’m by using, and the heating and cooling thermostat will immediately kick back into gear to modify the furnace and AC like needed. I generally need the air conditioning to be operating for quality of my products, but regularly one will work better that have an extra dose of heat. I’ve also set up two dehumidifying units in the craft room to lower the moisture in the discuss and help my products to help you dry faster and smoother. Though it took some legwork, these minor HVAC investments had been planned and funded, and my crafts have never come to fruition faster or looked better.

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Furnace filters at the wrong size

When our air filters needed to be changed, I realized that you were completely out. We normally get hold of box of six HVAC air filters at once, but I had forgotten until such time as we were completely out. That meant that someone would need to make a trip to the appliance store, in order to post a box of HVAC air filters. We swap our air filters every month, because it really maintains a clean and healthy indoor conditions. My son and daughter either have allergies, and it assists in the change the heating and cooling air filters typically. We have a dog named Toby, and he is some medium haired dog. He really doesn’t shed very much, but there is still debris in the air. We use a special form of heating and cooling air filter that is perfect for homes with pets. Most people can’t even tell that we have a dog, unless she’s in the room with them. I had to send my son to the hardware store, because my husband was from town on business. I gave him the old air conditioner filter, so that he would it is best to get the right size. I gave him my credit card, and a list of alternative activities that we needed from a hardware store. When he finally got home after an hour later, he was carrying a good bag. I asked him the spot where the air filters were, and he had a strange look on his face. He completely forgotten to purchase the heating and cooling air filters, and only bought other items on the list. He had to drive completely back to the store, just to achieve the heating and cooling air filters.

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