A day at the beach

I’ve lived inland for most of my life. What that means to me is that I never got to experience coastal living, the best kind of living in my opinion. To be able to walk a couple miles and reach the beach with a cooler in tow, sunglasses, and a good book to read is my perfect day. But I never really had that lifestyle until I moved to South Carolina. The sun, the beach, the warm sand in my toes–that was the life. Well, except for the humidity levels messing with me. Every time I came in from spending any amount of time on the beach, I needed to shower to get the humidity sweat off me. But it wasn’t long until I figured out that sitting next to the HVAC system for twenty minutes took away the need for a shower. The cool air would create a type of atmosphere unsuitable for humidity, lifting the sweat from my skin. My mother always used to complain about Southern humidity, until she realized she can have the best of both worlds, the beach and a cool retreat provided by an HVAC system. Since that visit, she keeps coming back more than she ever has. And what’s even more interesting is her fondness of my HVAC technician. She schedules my regular maintenance for me now. I think she is trying to get on his good graces in case there is ever an air conditioning emergency. Her hope is that he will drop everything and come to her rescue. I guess that saying is true, “It pays to know people.”

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