AC at the birthday

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend one of my friend’s son’s birthday parties; He was turning 5 years old, and the party was supposed to be an outside party. His birthday was in the middle of the summer, though, and when I arrived for the party, I was quite taken aback by the heat outside! The rapidly changing temperatures were at least in the lower-90’s! I thought regretfully of my cold air conditioning in my car, however i had not appreciated that air conditioning just as I should have! The birthday boy and his friends were happily playing on a swing set, and all of the adults were hiding from the heat under a big outdoor roof. I made it outside for as long as I could, but when I went inside the home to use the restroom, I noticed that a few of the parents and friends were sitting inside, in the air conditioning, seeing some football! There was no way that I was going to go back outside just then when air conditioning was right there. I went to the restroom, then sat inside until the cool air conditioning had cooled me off. The other parents inside and I felt a little guilty for not going outside to the birthday party, but honestly, all of us were about to die of heat exhaustion outside. I even had the added excuse of not having a kid to watch outside! Right then and there, I made a determination to keep all birthday parties in the summertime either inside or at a pool or beach. It makes no sense to make people suffer without air conditioning in such terribly warm weather.

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