A/C breaker

We purchased a beautiful new building for our church almost exactly a year ago. When we made plans for this new building, we had decided that we would raise the money for it as we went along. After we had erected the building, our next step was to install four air conditioning systems for it. We raised almost fifty thousand dollars, and we figured that we would have enough money to purchase the air conditioning systems. We were very surprised when the quoted price exceeded our amount by over twenty thousand dollars. In looking at the quote that we had received from the local HVAC repair shop, we noticed that the company was charging us almost thirty thousand dollars for installation. We figured that we could do the installation ourselves; consequently, we only purchased the air conditioning units from the A/C company. It took us several weeks, but we were finally able to install all four air conditioning systems. On our first Sunday with the new air conditioning units, everyone was very happy to sit in the service. It had taken us a while to raise the money for the air conditioning units, and we were now in the middle of summer. Every service without the air conditioning system was the equivalent of having service in a boiler room. During the course of our first service with air conditioning, the entire building lost power. The pastor was right in the middle of his message, yet he continued preaching even without any power. We quickly discovered that the air conditioning breaker had blown and needed to be reset.

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