A/C for after the storm

After the devastating hurricanes that have hit many parts of our country this season, I felt compelled to help. You can’t always just offer thoughts and prayers for those affected by the disaster, occasionally you need to get motivated and go make a difference. Since I didn’t have cash or supplies to donate, I decided to provide my time and drive down south to a single of the hardest hit areas. I found I was not alone, and that an army of helpful Americans had also come to help rebuild. The government even offered us a location to stay, a makeshift camp of FEMA trailers that were nice and dry, but lacked things like plumbing, electricity, and air conditioning system! Listen, I guess it sounds selfish, but after truly working taxing for twelve hours it would have been nice to come back to an air conditioned bed. But it was too much to expect that, so all the volunteers just toughed it out in the sweltering tepid trailer with no form of cooling. All of us couldn’t even sleep with the windows open because the bugs were so bad compared to the bad ventilation and indoor air quality of a tepid and sweaty trailer. On the eighth night a few of us got exhausted of it, so the people I was with and I found a nearby hotel with an air conditioned room and the people I was with and I rented it. There were twelve of us in that little room, mostly sleeping on the floor, but it was worth it to appreciate a night of blessed A/C.

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