AC for our dance classes

My girlfriend Penelope is trying to convince me into taking dance classes. Penelope thinks the people I was with and I should begin to spice things up as well as dance lessons will do it for us. I am not fond of dancing as well as I recognize I am going to hate the lessons too. It will cost too much, be embarrassing as well as I will not have fun. All I can do is at least hope the studio is awesome. If the space is clean, the songs are enjoyable as well as I have AC, I won’t be too miserable. I can’t even think about dancing with no AC. That would be super horrible. I tend to excessively sweat. If I do even something moderately taxing, I am covered in sweat. I have tried to never be around Penelope when this happens. It is super gross as well as not legitimately romantic. If the dance studio does not have an exacting cooling unit, the sweat monster that is me is going to emerge. Penelope will suppose us dancing together will be all sweet as well as romantic care about a movie. Instead it will be an awkward, disgusting as well as covered in sweat mess. I have looked at the dance studio’s advertisements. It appears to look clean as well as modern. I just can’t tell what kind of AC equipment as well as there is nothing written on the website. I am thinking it might be worth it to contact the teacher to find out what I am getting into. How annoying exactly are these lessons going to be? Will I just be annoyed by them or will I be super filthy as well as angry the whole time? Is it worth splitting up with Penelope over it?