AC on valentines day

I’m a kind of timid girl, plus I have just a small bit of social awkwardness, however because of my terrors of meeting new people, I’ve gotten into the pattern of getting close woman friends. But after months of doing the same thing, I’ve realized that getting with your friends is never a nice idea, so, this time, I let my best girl friend set me up on a fresh date with one of her friends, however typically, this isn’t the style of thing that I would agree to, but I obviously needed a change of setting, but when all of us got to the dinner place, it was obvious that the restaurant wasn’t using their AC device, if they were using the A/C, it sure didn’t feel like it. If anything, it felt like the heater was running. Typically, this wouldn’t be a problem. But I have a problem with sweat when I get nervous, plus this new date in a heated building seemed like it was going to leave me in a pile of a terrible date. So, I really asked the waitress to turn down up the A/C. I was scared that my date would be grossed out by my layers of sweat plus leave; The next few minutes for me were total terror. I was waiting a ton for the A/C to kick in, plus trying to spend money mind to my particularly appealing date. When the A/C did finally head through the air vents, it was sweet bliss for me. But I know I was so distracted by my own A/C stress, that my date didn’t have a super nice time. I’m not sure if there will be a next date.

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