Air conditioning fix up

I’ve never been in times like the one I had to get over last weekend. Several months ago, I booked a hotel room in a very small coastal town that I like to visit on occasion. I was excited to enjoy a chance to get away just the hot summer days because my job has been driving me insane. When I arrive with the hotel, I learned that I possessed booked the last room and that they were completely full for a weekend. This was good news for me. However, when I got to my hotel room I realized that this air conditioner was not working. There seems to be a huge wet spot in sitting area because the A/C was leaking. I was frustrated because I knew that they had not many decent options in the area to spend the night. I immediately called the hotel front desk to see if there was clearly anything they could do to attach the cooling system. They dispatched a mechanic promptly, and he had assured me that he would be able to have it working in an hour. To pass the time and allow him space, I decided to just do it– grab something to eat. When I finally got back from lunch, I recently found that the A/C was entirely working order, and the hotel had perhaps given me a reduced rate for having to deal with this exhausting situation. I felt much better about staying there knowing that I would be saving money and that I could sleep in the cool air. My weekend was perfect and I didn’t have any other problems.

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