Air quality control for the home

With how sensitive my skin is, I entirely should invest in some good air quality products for my Heating and Air Conditioning unit, but i am someone who regularly gets rashes. If I go on a trip, I come back red, itchy and covered in bumps. I get hives when I get stressed. I also am susceptible to moisture levels in air quality. In the Winter, the dry air quality messes myself and others up. My hands frequently crack and bleed. I get bloody noses and chapped lips. In the Summer the wet air quality causes myself and others to break out with serious acne. I entirely should get a humidifier and a dehumidifier, but the humidifier can set right into my gas furnace for the Winter. I can have heating and have moisture filled air quality. Then in the Summer I can pair my dehumidifier with my AC to control the excess humidity outside, butt, if I control the humidity, I entirely should guess about how clean my air quality is! Dirty air quality entirely affects me. I frequently get sick because of the dusty HVAC ducts in my home. I sneeze often and then get sick for a few afternoons.  Like clockwork, every seasonal change gets myself and others sick. It is the new dust and debris circulating in my home. I entirely should get an air cleaner. I could use the air cleaner all year as well. The problem with all of this is the major expense. Also I don’t want to be one of those people who rely on so many devices just to survive. I am not a total weakling.

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