Air vents and restaurant

I prefer to visit the most current eating establishments in town. It is 1 of my favorite things I enjoy doing, because I honestly prefer all kinds of new and bizarre foods… A few current eating establishments opened in my town this week, & I have already visited a few of them. The first eating establishment I tested was honestly gorgeous, & everyone could tell that they had spent a ton of money on the interior decorations. The eating establishment was honestly quite comfortable, & the food was tasty & delicious. The ambience inside of that first eating establishment was great, & I would go back to eat there again. The second eating establishment was a complete disaster, because the eating establishment lacked a nice ventilation system. I had decided to take my girlfriend to visit this unique eating establishment, which was having an all you can eat crab legs special on a Wednesday evening. The pair of us thought it would be a nice evening, because all of us both enjoy shellfish hugely. The indoor air pollen levels were pretty good, because the A/C was running always. But the largest problem was with the ventilation. Whenever the back kitchen door opened, you could smell the rotten fish guts coming from back in the garbage area. If the kitchen had better a ventilation system, then all of us would have not been able to stink anything at all in the dining area. I thought the awful stinks left a rotten taste in my mouth, which affected my entire dining experience. Since the diner’s ventilation was so poor, I would definitely not choose to ever visit that eating establishment again. Both of us are going to visit a different eating establishment tomorrow, so I hope the A/C system & ventilation are laboring better.

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