Calm and heating/air

Monday had to be one of the greatest mornings I’ve had in a long while; It all started off prefer any other day. I will perform my normal routine first thing in the morning. I had our cup of wake up tea, ate our regular bowl of oatmeal, and went into our office to do our day meditations. I would usually listen to relaxing music as I meditated, however that particular  day I chose to just listen to our surroundings, but my A/C was making a relaxing humming noise, and I decided to just listen to it! The noise from our heating and cooling system seemed to rise and fall prefer the tides from an ocean. I was shocked to find that listening to the mechanical droning of an Heating and Air Conditioning system could be so relaxing! I began to get lost in the sounds of rushing air through the air duct of our home. My brain had picked up on slight ticks as debris was shifted in the air duct as well, then as I sat there meditating to the sounds of our heating and cooling system, I decided that I would get a service check on myHeating and Air Conditioning system. It had been about 4 years since our last one, and it was long overdue for some tender Heating and Air Conditioning system care, and when our meditation session was finished, I was refreshed for the day; From now on I would skip the day tunes, and just listen to our surroundings I had my Heating and Air Conditioning system to thank for this current day joy!