Chilly temperature control

There was a prolonged period of time where I felt like my thermostat was lying to me. The suspicion was mild enough to pretty much ignore for about a month. Finally, one last straw was reached. I always set my HVAC to a lower temperature at night to avoid waking up sweating in the middle of the night. When I knew the temperature was low on thermostat, yet woke up completely soaked through my pajamas, I had given myself no choice but to conclude that something was definitely up with our HVAC system. We called our complex mechanics and asked if they would come check out our HVAC unit, wondering what the problem was while awaiting them to get there. He arrived promptly and began to inspect the unit in a manner that showed he was quite experienced within terms of this issue. He quickly found that the source of the problem was based on our air filters. It turns out that stopped up filters can not only diminish products the quality air that the A/C gives off, but it can also prevent the air from getting as cool as it really should be. We had even set the thermostat at below our normal temperature settings, but that only just clogged the filter more from pushing out more air than usual. Once our filters ended up changed, the air was refreshingly cold. Now I don’t sweat in any respect during a good night’s rest.

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