Christmas heating set up

My old furnace recently died on me part way through the night. Of course, it had to malfunction on a holiday weekend, when the temperature had plummeted to twenty degrees. I realize that the reason for the furnace failure was since the device was extremely old, neglected, and struggling to handle such a massive workload. I wish I would have invested in regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician. I should have scheduled service every fall to be sure that the heating system was operating safely and efficiently. I probably should have searched into new furnaces previously. I had noticed that the furnace could not any longer keep the home entirely cozy on especially cold nights. It would always make all kinds of strange screeching sounds and sometimes would carry on for remarkably long cycles. Instead of choosing the important proactive measures, I got stuck with a dead furnace and a very high bill from my HVAC contractor. Since the furnace was possibly not worth repairing, I needed to invest in a whole new heating system for my place. There was no time to find the perfect model or obtain a good deal, because I couldn’t go without heat during such cold weather. I was forced to pay extra for emergency service along with an expedited installation. Plus, I had to deal with this huge mess during the holidays. I had family staying inside my house while there were HVAC contractors everywhere within our space and it was terrible. Now that the new furnace is in place and running, I have enrolled in a maintenance agreement with this HVAC contractor. I don’t want to ever face this type of crisis again.