Coffee Shop Air Conditioning

I am a writer. I really can write anywhere I want, but sometimes I find the most inspiration for writing in cafes and airports. Airports are unique to dream up a million stories of the obvious as people travel from and to all parts of the world. But, cafes are a whole other host of fun. I love how I can watch people meeting up in many different scenarios and begin to create entire short stories around what I think it is about. I could sit in a cafe for hours and hours. Well, as much as you think they don’t mind, I am learning they really do. They want to move people in and out as fast as they can. And now, they found a way to do this through their heating and cooling unit. Someone down at corporate decided to start programing all of the cafes thermostats really low on the air conditioning thinking that this would one of two things. It would get people to buy more hot coffee and it would also get people to stay in the cafe for shorter periods of time. The crazy part of this was that the manager or employees had absolutely no say over any of this since it was all programed from the main offices. That was crazy to me, for them to say how hot or cold it could be, when they weren’t even in the store! The employees were pretty upset about it and as much as they tried to fiddle with the thermostat it was a dead issue. The customers were starting to complain about the constant air conditioning, so I imagine it will change soon.

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