Doctor’s Office Heating Nightmare

The doctor’s office is not my favorite place to visit on a good day, let alone a day when I am feeling miserable. I just seem to never have a good experience when I have to go see my doctor and I find I am not alone! The nurses are always in a bad mood, but I can appreciate how hard their job can be. Especially when they have to work for doctors who are always late and on call at the hospital. They get the brunt of the angry patients, not the doctor. Well, recently, I was really struggling with entering a particular phase of my life that I dreaded, menopause. As it is, I felt too young to be walking this path, but the brutal hot and cold flashes were killing me and my family around me. If I wasn’t freezing them out needing the air conditioner on seriously low at all times, then I was over heating them to the point of being in a sauna as I decidedly was freezing cold and running the heater all day long. When I arrived to my doctor’s I was in a heating frenzy in the dead of winter. I was so hot no air conditioner was going to be able to cool me down. I walked in the door to the office a swoosh of the hottest heat blasted onto my face through the heating vents. I was so overwhelmed, that I nearly fell over! The nurse saw my reaction and immediately apologized. She said that their HVAC technician was on his way, but it was taking longer than usual. I told her I wasn’t sure if I could stay as I was in the middle of a hot flash, the entire reason I was at the doctor.