Extension Cord HVAC Disaster

My friend and I had been doing some work on my house. It was in desperate need of some remodeling, and my best friend knew a thing or two, so he decided to help me out. One day, we were working on putting up a new wall. He needed to use a nail gun, but the cord wasn’t long enough. He pulled out his trusty extension cord and plugged it in. The instant he tried to use it, we heard a loud bang and all our power went out, including my air conditioner. We fumbled around in the electric box and tried to flip the breakers, but nothing happened. Now we needed to call a licensed electrician, and also an HVAC technician. I was not going to take any chances with my HVAC system. It was the middle of June and we still had a long summer ahead of us. I was able to find an electrician pretty quickly, but the HVAC technician I called said to wait and see if my air conditioner came back on when the electricity was fixed. I was pretty sure my air conditioner blew some type of fuse though, because there was smoke coming from the compressor. I took the advice of the HVAC technician though, and simply waited for the electrician to show up. Well, after it was all said and done, I was right. My air conditioner was in fact broken. I called the HVAC technician to tell him the news, and he said he would come see what he could do. No more extension cords were allowed in my house, that’s for sure.

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