Fitness routine

Every other day I try to work out for at least an hour. I focus on cardio and do a small amount of weight lifting. Typically, I do my exercise in my spare bedroom. I keep an exercise bike and some weights in there so that I can work out in an air-conditioned place. The bike is set up directly beneath an air vent, so while I am cycling away, I always have cool air blowing directly on me. This setup makes it much easier to stay fit then if I were to have to go outside and jog. I can’t stand the heat, and I live in one of the warmest areas of the country. I need to be in an air-conditioned space to get my exercise done. If I didn’t have a spare bedroom to keep some workout equipment in, I would probably pay for a gym membership. I used to go to a gym, and this was another way I was able to stay fit. The air conditioners there keep the place cool all the time, so it makes it easy to stay in a routine. Heart disease runs in my family and so does diabetes. I want to do everything I can to prolong my life. I think that as long as I continue doing my hour of exercise every other day and eat relatively well, I will be fine. Currently, I am in the perfect weight range for someone my height, and everything look good the last time I went for a check-up at the doctor. Fitness is important, and I think people should prioritize it more than they do.

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