Free air conditioner exploded

Being in my twenties, I have not yet reached the point where I can afford to spend my money however I like. Rather, I have to be pretty thrifty to get by and afford the things that I really need. That’s why I’m a sucker for free items. I look for them on the internet via craigslist, and in person whenever I’m driving down the street and see piles on the curb. That’s how I ended up with my “new” air conditioner unit. I was in desperate need of a new AC setup, since my current unit had been operating suboptimally for some time. For instance, I couldn’t count on the AC to actually reach the settings I had programmed, and it often required a hard knock to make the system kick into gear appropriately. Without a stern slap to the machinery, it often just spit out hot air into my apartment. As such, I was thrilled to come across a window air conditioner unit sitting on the side of the road last week. I quickly plucked it up off the curb and threw it into my car trunk. I had to struggle to get the new cooling unit up the stairs and into my place, but the work seemed worthwhile since I was getting the thing for absolutely nothing. I installed the new AC and threw out the old cooling machine, but soon realized my efforts were for naught. After plugging in the new air conditioner, it wasn’t two minutes before it started making strange noises and exploded black water everywhere.