Furnace turned on high

The other afternoon I had to go to the mall to do some shopping. It is undoubtedly not something I like doing even though I had many anniversary gifts to purchase plus this was the easiest plus quickest way to get it done. I went to all the regular retail type stores, hit up the food court for some greasy delicious lunch, plus finished up at one of the clothes stores to get something for my partner. I feel that she is into summertime dresses so I planned on picking her up a couple of those along with some jewelry -Happy partner ecstatic life. It didn’t take long for sweat to beginning beading up on my back plus at first I thought the moderate sensation I felt was from the awkward nervousness I constantly feel when I’m out in public shopping areas, however then it hit me –the store oil furnace must have been turned up to 81. I felt tepid air blowing down on me plus looked up to see the heating duct directly overhead. I feel I was shopping for summertime dresses, however this was ridiculous. I called for a worker plus asked them why the oil furnace was turned up so high? They said it wasn’t that, it was undoubtedly the a/c that was on plus was obviously broken, but they tried to turn off the control unit however it just kept running. The Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor was on the way to fix it however in the meantime they had complimentary water to drink. I left for another store, they should have had their Heating plus Air Conditioning worker fix their air conditioning complication before they had people in their store.