Glad for radiant floors when I am home

A few years back I spent a warm season in a poor country, teaching Math. I will never forget the day that I returned home. The whole warm season, I had dealt with temperatures in the upper 90’s, occasionally even warmer. The humidity had been terrible, and somehow, I had become used to it, and I had never had any form of Heating and A/C that entire warm season. I did not visit a single place, not even a store, gymnasium, or government building that had Heating and A/C. Not even a window a/c unit! Once I came home, I was greeted by cool, crisp air in the airport. It felt awesome to breathe again! When my grandma picked me up, her car thermostat was set at 71 degrees. I had not felt temperatures that low the whole warm season! During the ride home, and the whole time spent unpacking, taking a shower, and moving back into my room, I legitimately realized how spoiled I was. My bathroom had radiant heated floors!. I had spent my whole life in luxury, and I had consistently taken it for granted! I abruptly became really grateful for our parents and for our country. My students would have thought that I was a millionaire, when in fact, our family was only middle class! Now, years later, I still am grateful every time I adjust our smart thermostat, buy a meal at a eating establishment, or get into our car. I am so darn lucky, and I do not want to forget that!

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