Growing up with an outdated furnace

What I have found to be the usual down south is power outages. Not lengthy or even inconvenient, but with the frequency of thunder and lightening storms, there’s flickers as the power cuts out for just a few moments. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even bother to reset the stove clock as it will need resetting in just a few days. Growing up in the north east we rarely encountered power outages during the summer season, only during bad snow storms and thank goodness my family had a wood stove and fireplace to keep the home warm. Our furnace was outdated but I still appreciated the heat being sent to my room threw those creaking radiators. There is no heat like a wood stove heat, but come the dead of winter when I am so close to seeing my breath in my own room I would beg my dad if we could turn the thermostat up just a little bit. It wasn’t always that bad, but you only need a handful of those bitter cold moments to last you a lifetime. The furnace was perfect for keeping the inner workings of the home warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing and to reach the far corners of the house the wood stove or fireplace could not. It was just too costly for my parents to update the heating system in our home, the inconveniences that came with an outdated furnace, like a finicky pilot light in constant need of attention, was just the world we had to live in.

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