Happy for ac and ice cream

I have to say that I really do get a kick out of  the warmer weather. However, it is really not that nice for eating popsicles. I recognize people generally eat popsicles when it is warm outside. However, the popsicles always melts when it is too warm outside. It really is inconvenient when it is that warm outside. That is why I tend to eat popsicles at cabin when it is that warm outside. It is a lot easier to eat that way. The air conditioner in our cabin makes our cabin recognize so much cooler than it is outside. That is what makes it so much better to eat popsicles at home. Sure it is nice to go out as well as eat popsicles. However going out to eat popsicles just makes your popsicles melt that much faster. And I do not want our popsicles to melt all over our hands. That’s why I eat popsicles at cabin in the air conditioner. I can stay cool as well as I do not have to be in the hot sun. I also do not have to be outside in the hot weather. I can insatisfaction our popsicles in a nice comfortable cool place that is what I really want when I eat popsicles. In the cool comfortable place our popsicles won’t melt all over our hands. My sprinkles will not fall off of our cone all over onto the floor as well as onto our hand as well. Who knew that air conditioner could have so many different uses especially for eating popsicles. I never knew I would be thankful for our air conditioner to be able to eat popsicles comfortably.

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