Happy that my car has AC

I recently purchased a fresh car, and I am impressed. I had been driving the exact same car for about 10 years before making the brand new purchase. The old car worked for me well, but it did not have an air conditioner. On hot days I had to ride with my windows down to save myself from getting too hot. When I would arrive at work, I would have to stop by the restroom to assure I didn’t look too unkempt. An air conditioner has really been a necessity in cars nowadays. The feel of the cool air blowing through the air vents is something that I appreciate a great deal. Going without an A/C in a car for several years is enough to make anyone appreciate a new car. I am now fully addicted to cooling systems. My house is actually climate-controlled, my office is climate-controlled, the different stores that I go to are always air-conditioned, and my car now contains a state-of-the-art air conditioner. I consider myself quite lucky. I don’t have a clue how I got by for that long in my old car. That engine never gave me any problems, but it was definitely fairly shabby when it came to the luxury side of things. I really hope that I don’t end up taking these things for granted. I want to continue to appreciate having a nice cooling system in the areas where I have to function regularly. If I had to choose, all spaces would be absolutely air-conditioned now. This is a necessity that most of us have come to rely on.

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