HVAC maintenance or repairs?

When my husband, Peter and I were property hunting, we toured all different varieties of homes. We just weren’t sure the kind of house we wanted. Our priority was the location and size of the property. We figured that just about every other aspect of the home could be changed and made better. Since we are both quite handy and own a diverse collection of tools, we were enthusiastic about starting renovations. It never occurred to us to prioritize the type and condition of the HVAC system. We had always rented an apartment and there was no need to worry about HVAC upkeep or repairs. We moved into our new home in September, and the weather was delicate and pleasant. We were in a position to open the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze while we cleaned, painted, and started home improvement projects. By the finish of October, the outside heat severely dropped, and we was required to close the windows and start up the furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace was not in good working order. The moment it first started up, it made some very alarming clunking and screeching noises which turned into  an irritating rattle, but never managed to push out very much heat. Everyone kept turning the thermostat higher and needed to bundle up in several layers of clothing. It made the work on the house very distressing. Taking the time to look the furnace and ductwork over, we knew we were in big trouble. All of the components appeared corroded, and the ductwork needless to say had leaked. Despite being  up to date with home renovations, we did not feel qualified to switch out the furnace or repair a ductwork. We ended spending a lot of money to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to update both the central heat and air conditioner.

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