HVAC Problems

I get extremely sick of being an adult sometimes. There are constant bills to pay, cleaning to do, and you never know when something in your home is going to break on you. I wish I could go back to the days where all I needed to worry about was what we were going to do after school or on the weekends. Now, I am facing a whole new array of problems in my home and I am pretty sure it is going to cost me a good chunk of change. We have a ventilation system for our HVAC unit in our house that has been running a lot more than usual lately. I constantly remind the kids to keep the doors and windows shut throughout the day when the HVAC unit is running. I am sure that they completely ignore whatever I have to say to them because they don’t have the responsibility to pay the HVAC bills! In the past two months, I have seen a major increase in our HVAC costs and I cannot figure out what the reason behind it is. It could very well be that my kids leave the doors and windows open and allow the cool air to escape when the A/C is running. But, when I yell at them they seem to get defensive which makes me wonder if there is another problem with the HVAC system causing it to run so often. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this problem before my HVAC bills maintain their current high costs.  

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