My wife and I have got to be the luckiest duo in the world. Not only are we an incredible couple–if I don’t say so myself, but we are also the proud parents of a couple of kids…two to be exact. That said, before our kids touched down on Planet Earth, my wife and I both came from rather temperate climates, where the weather was pretty fair year round. Once we met and just before we had our kids, though, we decided to move to an area known for its much warmer climate, especially when it came to the summer. Upon relocating, we eventually found what we believed to be the home of our dreams. The place was spic and span from top to bottom, and neither my wife nor I were able to find even one fault during any of our walkthroughs. Nevertheless, by the end of our first week staying there, we noticed that our clothes had started to become damp and that the indoor air had become extremely hard to breathe. Consequently, my wife–who couldn’t stand even the thought of wearing damp clothing, nor for our young kids to do so either–immediately called up a local heating and cooling company to schedule an inspection. Within 24 hours, a certified HVAC technician came to our humble home to verify our conviction: that the system was broken entirely. To our pleasant surprise, that turned out not to be the case, though. Even though the system was clearly not functioning optimally–for which the ideal repair would’ve been a complete replacement, our tech was nice enough to suggest the less expensive, temporary fix of (a) having the leak sealed, (b) setting up dehumidifiers throughout the footprint, and (c) procuring a hygrometer to monitor our moisture levels for the time being.

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