I am going to put a new air conditioner in the window

The summers where I live are hot and humid. Whenever I open my window to feel whatever breeze there might be, all that comes in is the stink of rotten dumpsters and city trash cans. Recently, I finally gave in and bought a window air conditioning system. I didn’t want to pay more than $150 on a window air conditioner, but for some reason I ended up walking out of the store with a $500 unit. I guess that’s what happens when the salesperson you’re talking to isn’t just good at his job but cute too. In any event, I went home and decided to handle the installation solo. “I’m an independent woman,” I told myself, “there’s no reason why I can’t install this air conditioner in my fourth floor apartment all by myself.” I was able to adjust the side panels easily. It was getting the unit in the window itself when things started going wrong. It shook a little bit but overall it seemed fine once I slammed the window shut on top of it. All that was left to do was sit back and let that cold air burst onto my face. That’s when I noticed the air conditioner looked a little off center. I braced the unit with one hand and opened the window just slightly with the other. That’s when tragedy struck, and it felt like it all happened in slow motion when it did. Simply put, I lost my grip and the air conditioner fell backward. I tried to grab it, but it was too heavy and my hands were too sweaty to stand a chance. I watched in sadness as my shiny, new, $500 air conditioner silently dove to its demise onto the hot pavement four floors below until it landed with a loud smash. I gulped hard and stuck my head out the open window. I was amazed at how everything went wrong so quickly. My air conditioner dreams were over and I was left disappointed, sweaty, and angry. What could I do besides shut the window and promise myself not to ever speak of this day again.

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