I bet I can keep my job

My boss called me this morning to let me know not to bother getting into work today. Apparently, he discovered a disagreement that I had had with my coworker the other day. I ended up calling a coworker a derogatory name and slammed the HVAC company truck door in his face. I immediately sped off while leaving him at the client’s house. The client also overheard our disagreement and was disappointed by my behavior. Because I acted this way, my boss had to fire me. He also requested I return my company uniform as soon as possible. I had never been fired with a job before. I was really disappointed because I enjoyed this job while at this local HVAC company. I wanted to be out there repairing and installing clients’ HVAC systems. I knew that I would have a difficult time finding another HVAC technician career because I was fired. I took 2 or 3 days to process the fact that this really happened to me. Then I set to get results, trying to find a completely new HVAC technician job. Some of the few local HVAC company competitors had job openings, but none would be able to pay me what I had been making. I was making good money and hoped that I would make at least the same amount. It did not seem it would work out this way. So I decided to take a job with a local HVAC company competitor in hopes that they would give me a raise after a little while. I was stressed to be making less money, but was happy to not be unemployed.

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