I can’t understand what the problem is

In my experience, coffee shops are a true place of serenity, especially as a writer. I find that I get a large amount of work done when I am within such an environment where there is tranquility. One might think that there are lots of distractions in a coffee shop, but personally I am in a position to manage my work without this focus being deterred. I remember the very first time that I spent a solid chunk of time in a coffee shop, I fell deeply in love with what some people call, “coffee culture” right away. The smell in coffee shops will be the best part, as the smell of delicious chocolate chip banana muffins is hard for anybody to resist purchasing! The only thing I really hate about coffee shops is that excessive use of air conditioning! The cooling unit always appears like it’s blasting at full capacity. Wearing a t-shirt or shorts is absolutely not an option and it surprises me everytime I see people come in like that and they aren’t freezing. The first few times I went, I felt really uncomfortable and intensely cold. It’s really hard for getting any work done, whether typing or writing because my fingers usually freeze solid. I always am required to wear thick clothing to shield myself from the chilly air conditioning. The place is one block from me, but I’m sure that I look crazy wearing so many layers of clothing when it’s a hot summer’s day out. I bet that the workers don’t even like feeling the cold air blasting from their air vents. I wouldn’t last a single day working in a place that uses the air conditioning excessively.

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