I know that I can clean my home

I currently work in a really old, brick building that needs countless updates. The windows are single pane and most are painted shut. They encourage the sun to beat in and heat the place in the summer, and yet do not open to allow in fresh air. They also let heated air to escape and cold drafts enter inside the building over the winter. The ceilings are rather high, and without fans, the heat rises up and is lost. The HVAC system installed inside the building is so old that it cannot keep up with demand. Between insufficient airflow and the absence of proper insulation and weatherproofing, this heating and cooling equipment runs without a break but can’t provide comfort. Furthermore, the supply vents are situated among the floor, which is useless. The most concerning issue, though, is the problems with mold spores growth. The building is exceedingly moist, and the HVAC system does not provide proper air circulation, ventilation systems, or filtration. I am nearly convinced that this HVAC system is actually part of the problem, and is further polluting air quality, every single time it runs. Despite the cleaning crew that goes in the building every night, there is still a significant amount of dust on all surfaces, particles flying around inside air, and spots of black mold on windows and molding. Either the cleaning crew is horrific, or contaminants are being introduced into breathing air throughout the day. Since employees are constantly calling in sick and missing work, I am convinced that quality of air in the building is very poor. Unfortunately, management refuses to purchase new HVAC equipment because the system in place still functions.

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