I need to download some reports

I recently turned 30 and I wasn’t expecting many gifts if any. All of my older siblings are starting to have children, and I never ask for gifts any more because, frankly, I think I’m just too old to expect presents. On top of that, I feel like anything I would need I already have. If I come across something I like, I just factor it into my monthly budget and purchase it myself. So when a package arrived on my birthday from my parents, you can imagine my amazement. Apparently, they found something useful they thought I would enjoy. It was a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat connect your smartphone to your heating and cooling systems through a simple app. My folks said they had recently gotten one for their house and it had saved them plenty on their energy bills. Additionally, they told me a local HVAC company would be sending a technician by to install it for me! All I had to do was download the app on my phone. The smart thermostat also learns my routines so my air conditioning system actually knows when I go to work and when I get back so it can adjust the temperatures and humidity the way I like it. The app also lets me know when it’s time to have my HVAC system maintenanced or cleaned and, if you can believe it, sends me notifications about discounts for local heating and air conditioning technicians. Not to mention it lets me download reports and see how my air conditioning and heating systems are functioning each and every month. What a thoughtful along with perfect gift for the man who thought he had everything!

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