I was getting way overheated

My siblings and I have always struggled with what to get our mom on her behalf birthday and Christmas. I think this happens to a lot of people as our parents age and we be aware that they really don’t need a single thing. For this reason we need started giving our mom problems that involve spending time with her doing something really fun. We think she appreciates the time spent as well as the memories more than she would a new sweater that this lady really doesn’t need. For this reason my sisters and I get hold of day spa trip for this mom for Mother’s Day last month and planned on spending the weekend there relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I had checked all the net reviews first to make sure that most of the people who went there were satisfied with the facility and the accommodations. Upon our arrival, we all checked into our rooms we wanted to get a massage before dinner, but that was a big mistake. When we travelled to the salon we were welcomed by a wall of hot muggy together with smelly air. I honestly felt like I would have germs clinging to my body and there would be no way we were travelling to stay there. My sister went to this reception desk to see what was going on and she was informed that that the heating and cooling system had broken down earlier each morning and they couldn’t control the surroundings as it normally was. She tried to reassure us that the facility was clean but also offered to refund our money for the massages if we wanted her to. We decided that was perfect as none of us really wanted to return into the salon and we went outdoors to the pool instead. At least that it was located outside in the oxygen so we spent the a lot of time before dinner having wine and decided which has been just as relaxing as some sort of massage.heating and cooling