If only my home’s AC was as nice as my car’s AC

Living here in the South has it’s attractive qualities. Southern hospitality is hard to replicate up North, as is the cooking and culture you can find here. While there’s things that make the South appealing, there’s factors that make it hugely unappealing as well. Factor one: the dreaded heat. We see temperatures consistently peaking in the hundreds, sometimes over a hundred-ten degrees, and the last thing you’ll want to do on a hot humid day is walk outside in full exposure to the Sun. I’ve lived in the South my whole life, but I’ve never been able to really adjust to the temperatures here, especially now that I wear a suit to work. Thankfully, my car has incredible air conditioning, and the dark tinted windows help to keep the car from turning into an oven. Usually it takes under a minute to completely reverse the temperature in my car after it’s up and running. I wish my apartment could cool down as effectively as my car, and that’s not unreasonable – my studio apartment isn’t much bigger than my car to begin with! I’ve talked to my landlord, who suggested that I buy a window unit. That information would be helpful if I didn’t already have one. I’ve looked into other options too, like moving to an apartment with central heating and air conditioning, but most places are way over my budget. As far as living with roommates go, I’ve had my share of horrible experiences to make me happily choose living alone. Frustrating as it is, I’ll just do like I’ve done for the past few Summers, and bear it. One day though, I’ll be moving up North and forgetting this dreaded heat!