I’m feeling so grateful

Our family had been struggling lately within the finance department. My wife along with I are professional authors, but our book sales have been pretty low lately. We were both forced to find extra jobs just to pay the bills. I had taken a job as an editor, and my wife took up an offer to do some babysitting for the local couple. My wife left for her first babysitting night the other day, and it was not what she expected! For starters, the HVAC system was not working. This was terrible, because it was some sort of horribly hot night, and with no air conditioner the baby was extremely cranky. Luckily they had a couple fans, but it didn’t keep the house even close to the right temperature. The baby was crying for hours from either hunger, dirty diapers, and the lack of a working air conditioner. That baby was completely miserable! His room was just like a furnace! My wife did what she could to cool the baby down, but without an air conditioner it was hard. She finally tried putting a wet washcloth over the baby’s forehead, and that seemed to help a little. When this lady got home later that night, she told me how grateful she was that us individuals had such a nice HVAC system. She couldn’t imagine trying to survive in a furnace like place she just babysat at! It made me count my blessings as well. Even though we were struggling, we still had a functioning air conditioner. Life without an HVAC system can be extremely miserable, just ask that struggling baby!

HVAC tune-up