I’m very happy now

I work entirely from my home, which is great in many ways. I set my work schedule each week, listen to my favorite music, and dress how I please. However, because I work for a deadline, I often end up having very long work days. My work day doesn’t end at five o’clock. I must stay focused until the workload is completed. Today is a lovely day in early August. After a full week of straight rain, the sun is shining. The sky is blue and the outside temperature is in the low eighties. There is slight breeze, and I would like to mow my lawn or even relax on my deck. I’d like to pour myself a tall glass of iced tea, grab a good book, and soak up the sun. Instead, I am trapped inside the house completing an especially tedious job for work. I am fortunate that I have a comfortable chair and a brand new HVAC system at work for me. The air conditioner keeps my home within the ideal temperature zone, no matter how hot and humid it can get outside. I have partnered my HVAC system with the latest smart thermostat that features wi-fi connectivity. I can now make adjustments to temperature, fan speed, and air quality from an app on any of my smart devices. I don’t need to interrupt my work, get up, and walk to the thermostat to adjust it. This allows me to be more productive, and the air conditioner makes the long days spent inside more tolerable. I am hoping to finish up quickly, and enjoy more of this gorgeous day.

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