It’s time for a tune-up

My husband, Donny, and I recently invested in a home automation system. The cost was not unreasonable and the savings have definitely recovered the purchase and installation price. Our home automation system combines the management of the thermostat, lighting, security system and safety equipment. Through Wifi on the internet and an app on our smartphones, Donny and I can monitor and adjust these vital systems. It doesn’t matter if are at home, at work or away on vacation, we are able to change the settings within the heating and cooling equipment, regulate air quality, and get notifications for repair needs or problems. Donny and I have continual access to our smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, dehumidifier, heater, and air conditioner. We can lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and we get notified if a window or a door is opened. Our homes is easier, healthier, safer and more protected now. We now have complete assurance when we leave for work, head off on a vacation or go to sleep at night. Plus, we’ve managed to program the HVAC system along with lights to greatly reduce energy use and lessen our monthly utility bills. We save both time and money, and the home automation system definitely makes life far easier. We purchased our home automation system through our local HVAC contractor, and he managed the installation and familiarized us with operation and features. You don’t need a contract, no monthly fees, and also the home automation system provides repeated upgrades, allowing it to conform to changing technology and our widening needs.

HVAC tune-up