It’s tough for me to cool off

My teenage daughter was in the drama club at her high school. She had a dream to one day become a famous acting professional. She was very good at it! Last season she actually got the lead inside of the summer play. She was quite nervous, but we knew she’d do an exceptional job. She put lots of extra time into practicing her lines and the delivery as well. She had a great gift in timing, great facial expressions, and perfect tone of voice. She was quite a natural! Opening night came, and this girl was great! Unfortunately, the heating and cooling system begun to malfunction halfway through the play. Usually you could hear the air conditioner going to work in the giant auditorium, because there was a ton of ductwork and an abundance of air vents. You couldn’t help but notice the auditory presence of the cool air circulating all through ductwork. Even over the voices of the actors it was obvious that the air conditioner failed. Eventually, the many performers started sweating like crazy! All of their make up started melting off their faces, as the auditorium changed into a giant furnace! I felt so bad for my daughter as I sat there watching her wipe the makeup off her sweaty brow with the absence of the air conditioner system. She can improvise, however, and even ad-libbed a few lines! The rest of the cast soon started to follow suit, and the broken air conditioner actually caused the show to turn into a fantastic comedy! I was so pleased with my amazing daughter!

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