Late HVAC technician

My husband and I were experiencing trouble with our heating system. The last time we had an HVAC technician to our home, they explained that we were having problems with our heating system. The HVAC company told us we would have to purchase a new furnace, before the start of this next winter season. That winter season is only 2 months away, and we are starting to look at new heating systems for our home. When my husband and I finally decided on a new furnace, we contacted our local HVAC provider. We had used the same HVAC company for the last four years, and we were going to use them to install the new heating system also. Our HVAC installation appointment was set for 11 in the morning. We received a confirmation call from our HVAC provider, on the day before our service. When noon rolled around, and the HVAC provider still had not showed up, I decided to contact the office. I called our HVAC provider, in order to find out where our technician was. The HVAC provider told us that we were not on the schedule for the day. I was very angry, and even explain about the phone call from the previous day. The woman on the telephone apologized for the mix-up, and sent someone out to us immediately. By the time that an hour was up, there was an HVAC technician standing on our doorstep. It took a few hours for the new furnace to be installed, but it is working better than our Old Furnace ever did.

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