Leaving a/c repair for too long

I recently had a minor concern with my air conditioner.  Whenever it started up the cooling component would rattle for several minutes.  Instead of calling for an air conditioner repair I ignored the unpleasant noise.  I hoped it would simply go away on its own.  Instead of fixing itself the performance of the air conditioner gradually worsened.  It started running for much longer cycles and often screeched loudly.  Since my apartment was still nice and cool I procrastinated on scheduling service.  Air conditioner service is inconvenient and costly.  I wanted to put it off as long as possible.  I was reluctant to take a day off from work and I’d been saving for a wintertime ski trip.  Gradually, however, the air conditioner started to leak a lot of water and gave off a weird aroma.  When my apartment began to feel a bit overheated and sticky I simply lowered the control component by a few degrees.  The air conditioner finally quit at 2 o’clock in the morning on a long weekend.  The outside temperature climbed into the triple digits that day and the humidity was brutal.  To avoid paying overtime charges I went without air conditioner until I could schedule an appointment while in proper corporation hours.  I suffered the heat and the humidity for nearly a week.  The heating and cooling professional then told me that the malfunction had been caused by a buildup of dust within the system.  Had I called for service when I first noticed a problem the issue could have been resolved easily.  I would not have needed a bunch of new parts or spent a small fortune on repair.  

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