Looking around for a cooling system

A few weeks ago I had a terrible shopping experience. I went with my sister, Anne, to the mall because we  both wanted some new outfits  to update our wardrobes. I usually look forward to my outings with Anne because it gives us an opportunity to catch up and chat. However, the last shopping trip, we were  hindered by the fact that the cooling system was not working in the mall. As all we checked out all of the stores, we were constantly perspiring and we were not inclined to linger anywhere or try on clothes because of the heat. I asked a staff member if they could lower the thermostat setting a bit, and I was told me the cooling system for the entire building was broken. The lack of air conditioning  made for an uncomfortable day, and after only a couple house, we just wanted to go home. Neither Anne or I bought  much of anything, even though we  were planning to. This experience made me recognize how important a cooling system is to a commercial space. It’s nearly impossible to keep customers interested without ideal temperature and a proper cooling system. I suppose Anne and I might go again,  once the air conditioner is repaired.  I will make sure that we aren’t going to have to deal with the same  situation again. I would rather remain at home and save my money, rather than  spend the day without air conditioning. The mall should invest money into the upkeep of their  HVAC system to prevent malfunctions.  Comfort in a retail environment is always a top priority.

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