Looking for a quiet, air conditioned space where I can study for my exam

I recently needed to study for an art history exam that would count for the majority of my grade.  I attempted to study in my apartment but my roommates were far too distracting.  The one was watching a movie with the volume turned up too loud, and the other was involved in a huge cleaning project.  She kept running the vacuum cleaner, and had taken apart the air conditioner to remove the dust from the various components.  Between the noise and the lack of air conditioning, I decided to pack up and head to the library.  I knew I was in trouble the second I stepped inside.  The library was overheated, there was a huge ladder set up in the middle of the floor, and certain areas were blocked off because of dripping water.  I quickly realized that there was a malfunction with the air conditioning at the library.  Since it was wonderfully quiet, I hoped that I could endure the discomfort and manage to successfully study.  With sweat running down my face, it was impossible to concentrate.  I finally gathered up my things, and headed to a local coffee shop.  I was delighted to discover that the air conditioner in the coffee shop was working just fine.  The interior was perfectly cool, and I had access to hot coffee and a freshly baked cookie.  Although I put on my headphones, it was difficult to avoid the distraction of people coming and going and the delicious food.  I soon realized that the thermostat was set a little too low, and sitting under an HVAC supply vent, I started shivering.   

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