Loving this air flow

Construction sites are mostly dusty, hot places but when you are building in the deserts for the southwest they are extremely dusty and hot places. I have been working in the southwest for quite a while so I am adjusted for the heat and pretty used to seeing a lot of dust. My crews and I normally work through the rain, the heat, and the snow. Temperatures above 100 degrees are certainly a common thing around here. Nonetheless, construction just doesn’t stop because the climate gets too hot, except for a day when it was too dangerous because of the heat. Air conditioning actually saved many lives that day. I remember that experience very well. The thermometer actually reached 108 degrees on that day. The soles of my worker’s boots were all melting. Luckily, I am a foreman so I spend most of the day in the trailer experiencing the air conditioning. I didn’t have to endure the awful heat all day like all the rest. I was looking at plans when several guys were brought in that have been suffering from heat stroke. We were fortunate that the company set us up with a proper HVAC unit for the trailers, or those guys could have died. I immediately got them into the air conditioning and doused them with ice water and turned the AC to the lowest setting. The combination of cold air through the AC vents and ice cold water cooled them off rather quickly. We had the ability to prevent several more heat strokes in that same day. I don’t even remember a hotter day than this one. On top of all this, the next day was forecasted to be even hotter. After the superintendent heard of the workers dropping like flies everywhere on the job from heat exhaustion, he decided to shut the work down for a couple days. Thank god for our decent air conditioning.

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