Need ac is order to work

You may have heard ladies say that being pregnant causes them to have brain fog. It may be true! In fact, I am sure it is, because I used to forget everything when I was pregnant; Also, having a lot of worries will also cause you to be kind of dumb, however there are even some medical conditions that can cause your brain to turn to mush, as they say. For example, fibromyalgia causes what is commonly called fibro fog, well, here in the south there is another thing that will cause you to lose your faculties. Lack of a/c. That’s right, if your a/c is not working, neither is your own brain, but one time recently, I was forced to go without a/c, and all I could do was rest there like a brain dead girl who was covered in nasty sweat. Maybe without a/c we sweat out our wonderful sense. That could be it. In any event, I suppose that I act like I don’t have the wonderful sense God gave a donkey when the a/c is broken. When our a/c condenser went out and needed to be replaced and I needed to wait for the heating and cooling supplier to get all the parts, I thought I would go stark raving loony. I started mumbling to myself and rocking back and forth in the little corner. I forgot how to learn and could not remember the names of our children! Finally, I decided I better get a hotel room quickly with a/c before I was unparticular and couldn’t even focus enough to do my own job!

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