Needed a good air conditioner service date

I knew something was wrong with the A/C when I woke up perspiring uncontrollably. The cooling system had apparently stopped running. The thermostat read 72, but it was definitely much warmer. After a moment of complaining to myself and fiddling with the A/C to no avail, I decided I couldn’t wait too long to call the HVAC maintenance contractor. I live in a warm part of the country, after all. It would only be a matter of time before I fainted from the heat. The specialist took awhile to come. It took much longer than usually for her to arrive. She apologized for the wait and informed me there was actually some weird sort of power surge that happened in the area. It apparently knocked out a bunch of units, including a sizable sum in my apartment complex. I thanked her for coming as she went to work with something that seemed truly routine, or possibly she was just well practiced with the work after doing it at countless sites before mine. She said nothing could have stopped the surge. She finished the work truly quickly. Once she was gone, I observed the equipment said the interior temperature of my house was about 86 degrees. I simply had to laugh as I tapped the down arrow on the console. Thank goodness for cooling systems, and of course for the contractors who repair them.

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