Needing heating all over

I’m actually a super hard person to have any couple time with. I don’t only mean a romantic couple time, either, because I’m quite sure that being a family member or neighbor has its disadvantages as well. To tell you, I have anxiety complications plus I often need to be in control of our program plus environment. I like to do stuff in a recognizable order plus over-think about things like the cost plus eating establishment sit down times. I also get chilly extremely entirely plus am always fleeing environments that I feel are overly cold; So, I feel as though most locales are too cold, because I can’t deal with the ambient temperatures below 73 degrees or the slightest blast of drafts. Air conditioning is horrible, plus I can’t stand it at the settings everyone know are normal. I think that it’s an abomination because usually the entire group will be perfectly comfortable or even too hot, while I’ll be shivering plus covered in a jacket. That’s why I feel so horrible for any partner. I’m totally playing with the temperature control plus decreasing the temperature when my partner is not looking. I’ll turn off the A/C plus hide away until my partner realizes that the temp has reached upwards plus goes to investigate. That’s why I’m trying to tell him to get us zone controlled heating so that I can set the whole office temperature independently of his area. Then the two of us can both be cheerful in our better temperature controlled settings.

zoned HVAC