Nervous Breakdown HVAC Cool Down

I am not the best driver in the world. I am a very high strung person. I get especially freaked out every time I have to drive over a bridge for some reason too. I could never figure out why. Last week I had to drive all the way downtown to do an errand, and I had to drive over the big bridge twice! I almost got into an accident too. When I got home I was a big bag of nerves. I needed to pump some cool air into my house to relax me, so I turned my air conditioner on as high as it could go. I could rest assured that my air conditioner would do its job, because I just recently had my entire heating and cooling system inspected and maintained. I hired a really good local HVAC technician to make sure everything was running perfectly. He came over and cleaned out all the ductwork, made sure everything was good with the thermostat, and looked over my furnace and air conditioner. He even sat down with me and went over some energy saving tips he had learned over the years! As I sat there and relaxed in my cool air conditioning, I couldn’t help but be grateful for the fact that I got home in one piece. Hopefully someday I would conquer my fear of bridges, but at least I could rest easy in the fact that I had a nice air conditioner to help relax me. The cool air from my air conditioner was always a great source of peace.

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