New HVAC system works great

Our church decided to install a brand new HVAC system. Our church has been saving money for the new HVAC system, for half of the year.The installation process was completed last month, and the new system works like a champ. I can’t believe the huge difference that I can feel in the air. Aside from the fact that the A/C works great, there are a few new things that I have noticed. The indoor air quality is different in many ways. I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of dust. There is usually a great deal of dust on the pews, but lately there has been none. There is also a clean and crisp smell in the air. I never noticed this smell before, but it really is nice. When church begins, the hall is already very cold. We used to wait until the service was nearly over, before the A/C would finally cool down. I know the A/C unit is working much better, because I had to wear a sweater to this mornings service. If the A/C system works this well, I can only imagine how well the new furnace is going to work! The winters around here are much worse than the summer. We often see three feet of snow during the winter season. Our entire church has been donating money for the new HVAC system. It makes my heart warm, to see our money go to such great use. We waited six long months for a new HVAC system, and it was worth the wait.

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