No AC for my finals

Some afternoons right before my finals, and I am already having major troubles. My roommate must not like finals in the least for sure because she has done nothing but party for the past 6 nights, it’s been a music and beer festival in my room it seems like. I finally got the nerve to say something about all of the noise that was happening. Now she is rather angry with me, and not at all excited with our living situation that we currently have. It seems to consistently be something with her too however last night was the latest of my troubles I had thought. As soon as my class was over, I came right back to the room to start reading for my Anatomy and Statistics Finals. The room was pretty humid I would say, and I could tell that the air conditioning system was not working well at all for us. My roommate was even down in the hall with a friend of course. I walked down to ask about the air conditioning system in our room. She said that the air conditioner had not been working for a while already. She told me that she had already contacted our closest resident advisor there. Since that was at least four hours ago, I decided to contact them myself once again. They seemed pretty angry on the phone with me, when I had started complaining about the air conditioning system right in there. I had even tried to explain the situation with my finals there but they did not seem to care one bit about it. I had to drive home to my parents house, in order to relax in the air conditioning system and study for all of my finals. My Mom was so excited to see me, and she made my number one meal for supper for us. It took nearly three afternoons, until the air conditioning system in our dorm was finally fixed for us.

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