No cooling while on the road

Last year I took an extreme road trip across the country and went to all 50 states. I honestly pushed myself to venture outside of my comfort zone. I slept in my van some evenings, as well as camped outdoors other nights. I rarely paid for hotels because I did not want to spend that much money. If I had to go to the washroom, I had to improvise by finding someplace to stop or by just going out in the woods. It was a real adventure. However one of the hardest things for myself and others was getting to sleep as well as spending so much time without a cooling system. Before the trip, I was used to being able to adjust my heating and A/C system to run at whatever temperature I wanted at that time. I was rarely in a hotel or even a temperature-controlled building for that matter, so the luxury of being able to adjust a cooling system was not a part of my trip. There were various afternoons when I felt disgusting because the humidity made myself and others uncomfortably sticky and gross. I yearned for my HVAC system back home, but I made myself stick it out. By the time I reached my 50th state, I was ready to return home. I made some good memories on that trip that I will never forget. I met some incredible people, ate some good food, as well as took plenty of gorgeous photographs. I will never forget the experience, and I am beyond thankful that I made time to do it. I am happy to be back home, though, with my cooling system, my own washroom, as well as my own bed.

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