Old Compressor

Recently, I was able to catch up with an old friend of mine. I had not seen him since high school, and we had much to discuss. I told him what I was doing for a living, and he told me that he had become an air conditioning repair man. Personally, I did not find his profession to be that exciting, but he insisted that the work he did was very interesting. He told me that he had many stories that he could share regarding experiences with his customers. One instance he spoke of dealt with an air conditioning condenser that was over thirty years old. Additionally, the air conditioning unit had a grounded compressor, and this made the unit impossible to repair. My friend told the customer that he was going to need a new air conditioning system, but the customer insisted that he try to fix the A/C unit instead. For almost an hour more, my friend tried to persuade the customer to purchase a new unit. For whatever reason, the customer had convinced himself that the air conditioner could be fixed. He also said that someone told him that it may just be the capacitor. My friend told him that the capacitor would not fix the air conditioning unit, but the customer wanted it replaced anyways. After my friend replaced the part, the air conditioning system was still as useless as before the replacement. The customer proceeded to argue with my friend about the problems with his air conditioner, and he refused to pay him for the service that was done. Ultimately, the customer purchased a new air conditioning system, but he refused to purchase it from my friend.

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